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Beautiful Masterpiece


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This book started off dark. And that darkness continues on throughout the entire book. Ryan took you through a story that could disturb the faint at heart. It is the mix of the darkness and the strength of Madison when it comes to her father Walsh.

The two men that are there to help protect Madison from her father, Liam and Scott. There is a history between Madison and Scott that brings them together, but that is something that Liam does not like. Liam wants Madison for his own. Who will be the one that Madison chooses when it comes to her heart? Is she going to be able to give either Liam or Scott a chance at being the one that can save her heart? Scott is the guy that is looked at as a savior in Madison’s eyes. He is the boy next door that helped her when she needed saving. And when they meet again almost 20 years after they last saw each other, he is still looked at as Madison’s safe place.

Liam has a dark soul. One that he is trying to keep under lock and key. Madison is someone that he finds notices that he has a darkness within him, but wants to help him. Is there something that Madison can do that will help Liam defeat the darkness that he is fighting, or will be taken under before it’s too late. Can Liam get Madison to come to him instead of Scott?

The triangle between Madison, Scott and Liam is only a part of the dynamic of this story. The darkness that Walsh brings everything together. Walsh wants his daughter to suffer and to become one of his beautiful masterpieces. He want to see the life leave her and make her pay for him going to prison. When he escapes from prison, this is what brings Madison, Scott and Liam together, but will Walsh also be what brings an end to all three?

Beautiful Masterpiece is definitely one that I can say that I enjoyed reading, and would recommend to someone that is looking for something dark. I found that the story came to an end and I was wanting more. I will be looking forward to reading the rest of the books that are in this series.


Holy ****!! Such a thrilling read. This book has a dark edge that leaves you unwilling to put the book down. The plot was amazing, the twists even better. Great read!


Unconditional love and unredeemable souls, not everyone can be saved. Madison Harper is no stranger to monsters. After surviving an unimaginable childhood, she fights her past every day and dreams of working for the FBI to protect the innocent from monsters like her own father. Her plans are clear: finish her PhD, then join the next class of trainees. Her father’s escape fast forwards her plans. The two agents assigned to protect and instruct Madison offer her so much more than she ever expected. They teach her about love and pain, trust and loss. But not everyone can or should be saved. Will Madison avoid being her father’s last Beautiful Masterpiece?


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