Beauty Mark


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Holy hell, what a freaking roller coaster ride that was! This book has so much depth and the emotions it invoked as I lived vicariously through Callie left me reeling at times. The sorrow, angst, and fear...the love and friendships, the unexpected twists that left my head spinning and my heart aching. I wanted to choke Davis and cheer to Liam while wanting to shake Callie and scream wake up hooker and take a look at what's right in front of you just like Hadley I absolutely loved this book! Read it!

Stephie Walls is still a fairly new author for me, I had the pleasure of reading Girl Crush. But, this one was a totally different side of this author. And it was a side that I absolutely loved and want more of. Beauty Mark was a story that took me through an aray of emotions with each new chapter. I found myself falling i love with the characters. There wasn't a part that I did not love about this one, even when there was parts that hit pretty close to home for me. I found a comfort in the characters weaknesses and insecurities and how she was able to overcome them. Stephie has away of making the characters be ones that can be relatable to the reader. I found myself engrossed in Callie's story. Through her heartache and pain when it came to Davis. There was times that I was on the verge of screaming and making threats towards Davis's character and all because I was so engrossed in the story. If Davis was a physical person I would of actually hurt him, if he did something like what he did to my friend. There was times that I also wanted to just grab and shake Callie and tell her to open her eyes to what was in front of her and to open herself up to love again. Liam was also a character that I found that I instantly loved and was rooting for one chapter then wanting to throat punch in another. Beauty Mark is a rollercoaster of emotions that is well worth it, and one that I would recommend to someone that is going through heartache. This story is one about heartache, but it is also about finding the strength in yourself to find your on happy ending.

Just freaking wow! This book tore me to pieces. I was shouting at my kindle like they could hear me!! I am not mad, promise. But seriously, this is what this book has done to me. I wanted to smash Davis's head in, smother Liam with a pillow and whack Callie around the head wit