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Beauty of A Monster


This story is full of angst. The emotions are overpowering, anger, hatred but the one that really fights through is the need for redemption. Your heart literally breaks for these characters. You want to sooth them and tell them it will be ok. When you think the will get their HEA, the past repeats itself again.

God, it had me invested. The need to know the secret driven me mad. If you love a book that gives you the feels, read this. ~ Katy

Rating 5 Stars

Grief and blame: poison that rips worlds apart. Josephine Bell arrives at Wildridge Manor as a whirlwind of optimism and light, and the delicate balance of order and control that he fights every day to maintain is tipped upside down in a way that will change William Marshall-Croft forever. Discovering that the house she now calls home is filled with well-kept secrets, Josephine tries to get to the bottom of the silence that surrounds the man she has been warned to stay away from. A stubborn need to get to know the mysterious and handsome estate owner uncovers a magnetic attraction, which the pair are powerless to ignore. When the heartbreaking truth is finally communicated, Josephine is desperate to save the beautifully broken man with the strength of her love... even though it may be too late.


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