Becoming A Vincent

It's safe to say that we at BookSmacked are completely Crazy for this book. It is going on our list as an All Time Fav BookSmacked read.
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What a way to start a new series !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY SHIT !!!!!!!!!!!!
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What a way to start a new series and absolutely have me dissolving into fits of laughter. This book is brilliant, insanely funny. A breath of fresh air. An instant fav and top rom com read of this year.

An unconventional small town called Tomahawk where they live by their own rules and get a little bit no a lotta bit crazy. The storyline is so completely different from the usual Romantic Comedies I have read and I loved that about this book. The characters will make you laugh, the storyline will keep you wanting more. I don't even know what else to say about this book other then I FLOVED IT. I have already read it twice and will probably read it anytime I am wanting a good laugh, some hot men and just something fun.

I absolutely can't wait for more from this series. C.M. Owens always writes such diverse books. She is a go to author for me.

Rating 5 Stars

Wild One Tip #72: Know the brand of crazy you’re dealing with. It could save your balls. Or your vagina lips.

In the small Washington town called Tomahawk you don’t have to only worry about the wild animals that lurk in the woods. You have to keep your eyes out for those that they call the Wild Ones.

CM Owens is one of my go to authors for when I am looking for a book that is going to keep me entertained and laughing from beginning to end. And Becoming a Vincent does not let me down. This book had me laughing right off the bat. In fact it was so entertaining that I want to find a town like Tomahawk and move there so that I can have this kind of entertainment in real life. The chemistry between Lilah and Benson was one of the things that also made this book one that can keep you enthralled in their story. The antics that the rest of the Vincent’s throw into the mix just lets you know just why they are called the Wild Ones.

There wasn’t only one thing that I can say was my favorite part. This is one of those books that I can say is going to be hands down of my favorite books that has everything that I want to find in a book