So let's talk about Instagram. Or specifically #Bookstagram.

What the fuck is that you say. Well it's instagram for books.

Ok what in the fuck does that mean????

Well it's simple really. Take a picture of a book or something related to a book, post it on instagram and bam you have just bookstagrammed. #Bookstagram

I am not an expert on Bookstagram but it is something I have recently discovered and I am loving it. It's just another way for me to express my passion for reading. Taking pretty pictures of books and staging them in a pretty way. You don't need to be a professional photographer, you don't even need to have a professional camera. Although it would be nice to have one let's be honest not everyone has cash coming out of their ying yangs. But the beauty of bookstagram is that it is fun and can cost you nothing at all.

So first let's show you a few of the pics that I have on my instagram account. Feel free to follow me @booksmacked.

All of these pictures were taking with my iphone and using the help of a cool app.

So what next.


Well first you obviously need a camera. And to be quite honest now a days phones have all these fancy types of cameras built into them that if you can't afford to get a nice camera because let's face it those things can get expensive as fuck, your Iphone, or Samsung or Android will do just fine.


Ok so the best type of light is natural light, however I do find that a sunny day offers a bit too much light and too much brightness so for me a cloudy or rai