Breaking Away


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Oh Lordy !

Mav and Aubrey. *inserts big sigh* Mav, mav, mav. Yeah i am stuck on repeat. The hunk that broods. Who is sweet but sexy. Perfect. I love Mav, incase you haven't already noticed lol. His character was perfect. IT geek and hot rider. Jeez. The story was also amazing. Alot of drama but these pair took it in their stride. Perfect combo. Loved this book, and really looking forward to the next

Reviewed by Katy - Rating 5 Stars

Maverick Ryan is at the top of his field in racing. Despite the fact he quite possibly has it all, he's needs and wants something more in life. When he decides to give it up to pursue another dream he worries what it will do to his relationship with his family. He decides to take the chance and returns to university where he meets Josh who becomes a study partner and friend. Josh's twin, AubreyJames has been hurt too many times before. She's not looking for another bad boy but she's instantly drawn to Maverick. Will they be able to fight the attraction they have or will they allow themselves the chance to see how far things can go. Will Josh be able to handle his sister being with a guy like Mav? As with all the books in the series they can be stand alone but past characters come back for a glimpse into their lives.

Reviewed by Letty - Rating 3 Stars

I was drawn in!

Mav had it all or so most thought. He is a gold medalist bike racer, plenty of women, money, and a loving family. He couldn't say why he was different from the rest of the family of racers. Racing was in his blood.

Then a myriad of decisions led him on a path that could make or break him.

Aubrey appreared to be a snobby college student but was so much more. Decisions made by her and by her brother led them down a spiraling path.

When the two paths collide this book explodes.

I could not stop reading. I was drawn into a plot that was more intriguing than I have read in a while.

Reviewed by Angela L - Rating 5 Stars