Breaking the Cycle


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Love at first sight. This is what happens to Bria and Reed, the notorious womaniser. Bria literally brings him to his knees. Their love story is fast paced but you cannot help but think its soo soo right! Bria seems to be the glue in the Ryan Family. Family is a strong subject and its really heartwarming.

Reviewed by Katy - Rating 5 Stars

Breaking the Cycle is the kind of book you read when you need a steady, drama free book. It's well written even if the story isn't very original Bria Adams is a sweet person who everyone likes. She's willing to help out wherever and whenever she can. Reed Ryan is a racing superstar who is on top in his sport but certainly not on top where love is concerned. In fact he and his brothers are convinced their family is cursed where love is concerned. When Bria is caught up in a situation, it's then they both realize there might be something special.

Reviewed by Letty - Rating 3 Stars

This story was a quick one.

Reed and Bria's love and relationship starts and evolves so fast that if you blink you might miss it. I usually don't like insta-love stories like these but this one was impossible not to love. The Ryan's were such an incredible bunch. They all added life to this story.

Reviewed by Yericka - Rating 4 Stars

The Ryan men are man-whores who need taming. They are this famous bike racing family and with that fame comes women. Any woman they want. Why settle down? Bria could be the answer. When Reed meets Bria his world changes. They have a fast paced romance that blows through and quickly takes hold. Loved it!

Reviewed by Angela L - Rating 5 Stars

What happens when the notoreos womanizer Reed meets Bria?? She brings him to his knees! Every womanizer has their weakness, and Bria is most definitely Reeds. This book is amazing, although it is extremely fast paced though Bria seems to be just what the Ryan's need in their family ❤

Reviewed by Charlotte - Rating 4 Stars