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I went in to this book thinking hard, biker, dark read. I came out of this book forgetting that's what it was. Don't get me wrong it was twisted, they were bikers and it was full of sex and foul language, but it was also full of love and loyalty and a crap load of emotions.

I adored Brick. Everything about him, from his sex appeal to his loyalty, from his massive bulge to his soft heart. He really is the kind of man everyone woman deserves. You wouldn't even need to get past his lifestyle because you fall in love with it because it is who he is and he's just amazing. Well at least I think so.

As always the supporting characters are amazing. Especially Katch, he will always be, not sure I will ever get sick of that man. But Brick is it for me, but I doubt I could take Mitts Bear so I guess he will only be mine in my head.

The story line was amazing, the little aspects you don't see coming to the main events. Everything flowed well. Timeline was on point, no major gap no skipping steps. The love story was everything it needed to be for these characters. Not all characters could have pulled it of, it was quick, dirty and intense. But you felt it and you felt for them. You wanted them to get a HEA, they deserved one after all the shit they went through. It's awesome how tragedy could bring them together and rip them apart.

Definitely a book I need in paperback on my shelf so I can stare at its sexy cover and read it over again.

5 stars for me based on Brick's character and the emotions the book brings out.

Reviewed by Veronica

My Sin. Her Redemption.

I'm the man your momma warns you about. The one you never want to meet in a dark alley.

I fight and protect me, mine, and my own. Take a bullet for anyone I love. No damn job is too gruesome for me. And I’m the most loyal motherf*cker you’ll ever encounter.

I live on the wrong side of the law, and I’m damn proud of it. It's rooted deep in my soul, stems from the scars of my past.

A pool of blood, a lifeless woman, and a missing child lead me into chaos, smack dab in the middle of it.


To protect what’s mine. Life has never had perfect timing. My sins and her redemptions are about to collide, leaving me changed forever.


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