Carnage & Desire


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Well, well, well. What an ending! Ophelia is the kid of girl i love. Answers to no one and never backs down. I adore PNR and all things shifters. I am not too sure on Reginald yet, he comes across like a grade A douche. A good read.

Mixed feelings with this one. Definitely some promising leads with the story line. I just found it a little inconsistent. Reginald, certainly isn't your typical alpha. Is there more to the story with the wife? As for Lia, quite a strong character, yet seems quite naive to some things but, not so much when you least expect it. Definitely intrigued enough to want to see what happens.

I really enjoyed this take on shifters. They were different them most that I’ve read. They were rougher then main character tend to be but I was drawn to that aspect. It gave it a forbidden feel. I really liked Ophelia’s character. She wasn’t weak minded and just wanted answers. Then we have Reginald. He was a jerk at times but a hot jerk. I did like him. The story was on the shorter side, but I thought it got all the points it need to get across even with ending in a cliffhanger. I can’t wait to see what happens next.