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Carnage & Desire


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Well, well, well. What an ending! Ophelia is the kid of girl i love. Answers to no one and never backs down. I adore PNR and all things shifters. I am not too sure on Reginald yet, he comes across like a grade A douche. A good read.


Mixed feelings with this one. Definitely some promising leads with the story line. I just found it a little inconsistent. Reginald, certainly isn't your typical alpha. Is there more to the story with the wife? As for Lia, quite a strong character, yet seems quite naive to some things but, not so much when you least expect it. Definitely intrigued enough to want to see what happens.


I really enjoyed this take on shifters. They were different them most that I’ve read. They were rougher then main character tend to be but I was drawn to that aspect. It gave it a forbidden feel. I really liked Ophelia’s character. She wasn’t weak minded and just wanted answers. Then we have Reginald. He was a jerk at times but a hot jerk. I did like him. The story was on the shorter side, but I thought it got all the points it need to get across even with ending in a cliffhanger. I can’t wait to see what happens next.


I'm not sure if it's because I started late in the series, but the story really left me confused. The story is really fast paced, and I enjoyed the overall premise, but I feel like I'm missing so much of the puzzle to really appreciate it. I like the strength of Ophelia, but I'm not sure about Reginald. He seems to have some skeletons of his own. Warning that there is a cliffy that really leaves you scratching your head.


Ophelia Rosewood put the "O" in ordinary, until she's attacked by a wolf.

Stupid human bears the mark.

For decades, Reginald St. Croix has been searching for his reincarnated mate. Then he finally finds her... Too bad she's human.

World's shift as mates collide.

When Ophelia's mother is mudered, she vowed to find whomever was responsible and make them pay!

Will she follow through on her plan, even if it means killing the one person she believes she can trust?

A new world filled with carnage and desire leaves everything a bloody mess.


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