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Book Review - CHARMED by L.R. WOODS

I enjoyed reading this book. Kimber and Evan are the main characters in book one of the 23 Strokes series. I loved how Evan call Kimber Wildfire because of her red hair and worked so hard at a second chance at love. The way the other characters are incorporated makes me want to read their stories. I can't wait for more.


KIMBER He was my one true love, my happily ever after. Until he broke my heart and crushed my dreams. Now he's back, professing his love for me. Promising me the fairy tale. But, I'm not the same girl he once knew. The one who believed he was my Prince. His charm won't work this time. Our story has ended. EVAN My heart has always been hers. Even when I left her behind seven years ago. But, I've come home to make it right. To prove we belong together. She can try and fight it. We both know she is mine. I will have her again. Our story is just beginning.


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