Checkmate: This Is Effortless


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OMG !!!!!!!!!!!! What a conclusion to this story. I mean This is Reckless left me reeling and beside myself and I have been dying to see what was going to happen next. Once again Kennedy Fox has given us yet another Amazing read.

Drew and Courtney I gotta say I was soooo worried about these two. Would they be able to weather the storm that is Mia Montgomery and what in the ever loving eff would she do next. I have never felt such hatred towards a character before but man Mia definitely brought out murderous feelings from me.

Once again I found myself muttering expletives while reading this book. Drew OMG I absolutely loved him even more. He was so attentive, SWOONY and so devoted to Courtney. Courtney has become one of my all time fav heroines, she is witty, smart and no nonsense. I will say that my heart did go out to her so many times throughout this book I mean HOW MUCH CAN ONE PERSON TAKE !!!

I loved how we got to see Drew and Courtney’s relationship evolve and see them without any distractions or interference from others. But of course I really wanted to know how this would end and whether or not Mia would just go away already LOL.

There are some twists and turns and definitely a lot of WTF moments in this book.

Kennedy Fox continues to have me hooked on their books and I am like an addict anxiously awaiting their next release already.

Reviewed by Mel - Rating 5 Stars


Omg!! Did that just happen??….Really???