City Under Siege

Review - City Under Siege by R.J. Prescott

The anticipation for this book was real I absolutely love RJ's words and couldn't wait to be brought into a whole new world and to see where her words would take me and let me tell you it was aahhhmaazzing. First of all lieutenant Tom Harper he is the alpha of all alphas and I fell in insta love with that man, Sarah is just as lovable a strong heroine put in an terrible situation who fights every situation that's thrown at her.......there is a a good mix of feels going on in this book it's it's hot,tense,sad,funny (mainly in the form of Nan who is absolutely brilliant) and lots more......I hope that maybe there might be other books as the rest of the team could make some amazing stories 😉 Well done RJ you have once again smashed it 🙌🏻❤️

London is a city in flames. Tensions are high and a critical situation is about to go from bad to worse. The Prime Minister wants to send a message, and the SAS will be the ones to deliver it.

Emotional detachment is my specialty. I’m ruthless and cut throat, but there is nobody better.

Sarah Tatem is an innocent. Caught up in a world in which she doesn’t belong, and trying desperately to do the right thing. My job is to keep her safe long enough to get what’s needed, and bring an end to this siege of terror.

But something has changed. I’ve learned that the only thing stronger than loyalty is love, and now she’s gone.

My name is Lieutenant Tom Harper, and I’m about to unleash hell.