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Confession Duet


See what our review team is saying about Confession Duet


5 Stars! Good grief...the first book in this duet started off with me freaking out and ended the same The pages in between sucked me into an instalove fairytale that was so perfectly sweet my teeth ached. Book two was more welcome to the dark side! This book had me gripping my seat in agony and desperation because of the angst, drama, and heartache as well as clinching my thighs because hello...BDSM and sexy times are hella hot!


Before the Lie and Truth Revealed make up this boxed set. Confessions duet tells the story of Corbin and Vivian. The chemistry between these two is incredible and will suck you in from page one. I was so glad I could immediately read book two. I'm not sure I could have waited. These characters and their story is so well written. This story will grab you and not let go until it is finished.


This is the first book I’ve read from KD Robichaux and I can tell you I’ll be reading them all along with following her for more. Her style of writing is very detailed and so descriptive you feel like you are right there in the room with Vi and Corbin experiencing everything they are. She has the perfect balance of yin and yang, light and dark, pure innocence and dark stained. I highly recommend this series. So enough of reading these reviews. Go! Get Confession Duet. You wont regret it!!!


It was love at first sight. Not just for Vivian, but for Corbin as well. Their eyes locked across the room, and that was all she wrote. But they didn’t rush things. They wanted to do it right. After all, they would spend the rest of their lives together.

The love of each other’s life. Soul mates. He was the intense and fiercely protective soldier, and she was his doting and faithful lover. They found their happily ever after. This was their story… until it wasn’t.

Ten years after Corbin divorced Vivian, after her confession while he was deployed, he still hasn’t spoken to the girl who brought him to life only to stab him in the heart, sending him into an even darker state than where he was before he met her.

Ten years, he’s been watching her from afar, keeping tabs. After an honorable discharge from the Army, he’s now part of a group of mercenaries who carry out justice. Criminals who hide behind their fancy lawyers and power—they take care of them and make it all look like karma. And with intel from their founder, Dr. Walker, a therapist with a long list of predators whose victims were too scared to turn them in, work is plenty and fulfilling.

Until Vi begins her sessions and Corbin discovers the reality he’s lived the past ten years was nothing but a lie, when the truth is revealed. *Triggers may lie within this book*


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