Book Review & Blog Tour - CORRUPT by JESSICA PRINCE

OH YES YES YES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3 hours 30 minutes that is how long it took me to completely devour this book. Once I started I couldn't stop reading it. I got sucked right into this story instantly and fell completely in love. It stars off with a hot as fuck encounter between the two main characters and from there all hell breaks loose. I will say that at first I wanted to punch, maim, dismember the hero in this book Garrett. He behaviour just completely worked me up and I was ready to stage an all out revolt. As the story continues I found myself so wrapped up in this intense enemies to loves story. I didn't know at times which direction I wanted it to go, ok well of course I wanted an HEA but man oh man at times I was ready to say FUCK THAT because well DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA. Throw in some "Villains" that also end up on my hit list and I was ready to toss my kindle at the wall out of frustration at certain points. When you are ready to start throwing physical things you know you have a good book on your hands. So many ups and downs and I clung to everyone of them, my emotions completely wrapped up in this story. The best part of this is that this is book 1 in a series that I can tell without a shadow of a doubt I am going to love. I will one click the rest of these books no hesitation because the characters in this book and not just the two main characters grabbed my attention and I am not about to let go anytime soon. Jessica Prince continues to be a go to author for me for this very reason.

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Reviewed by Mel