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Crowned By Hate


When I first saw this book I knew immediately I wanted it. From the cover to the title to the teasers I saw on social media and let's talk about that damn tagline. "Are you prepared for the mindfuck of the year?" Well why yes Amo Jones. Yes yes I am. This is one of those books that you will immediately want to reread. As I read the book I could feel it in my bones. I kept muttering to myself she's fucking with me. I tried to pay attention to everything my mind swirled thinking what the fuck am I missing I know there's something. Something isn't sitting right with me I can fucking feel it. Amo Jones stop Fucking with me. She didn't care. I can picture her sitting there with a smile that gorgeous smirk on her face. Thinking hahah fuckers you won't see it coming. And I didn't and then motherfuck what, how, why, but ... wait but scratches head. How in the Fuck. But then who... and what about .... and what does this mean.... and did they know... and fuck... I have so many Fucking questions Amo !!!!! What in the shit !!!!!!!! This book once you get to the end will have you shook. It will leave you sitting there with this look on your face. You know the one I'm talking about. The one that where you are blinking repeatedly. And the entire time you will be saying What !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What just happened !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then you will sit and think and think and think about the book. Trying to figure out what clues you may have missed and more importantly you will need more immediately. Amo Jones - 1 Reader - What in the fuck?


Some would say I have a privileged life. Daughter of the current President of the United States, wealthy, famous, and all things that some girls wish they had. Only I'd dream of having a simple life. A life where I wasn't marrying the scariest man I have ever met. Well, I thought I had just met him, but it turns out, there's so much I don't know about myself. That's all thanks to a past so twisted, so warped, that no amount of money, or presidential status could wipe it clean. I'm the rebel child. Or as some may see it, the disappointment. I’ve never cared about expensive wedding gowns, or how much someone paid for a tailored suit. I don’t care if your wedding dress is from Walmart, or if it’s from some fancy, upscale designer line. So why am I marrying the devil dressed in a thousand-dollar suit? I'm about to find out how I got here. To marrying one of the most powerful men in the country. The road to finding out, though, is paved with darkness, painted with the blood of innocents, and it leads my ass straight to hell. Only this hell is a multi-million-dollar penthouse suite in New York City where Bryant Saint Royal, sits on his throne.


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