Review + Excerpt - Damien by LA Casey

Damien was probably one of my most anticipated reads this year. Hell its been one of my most anticipated reads for years if I’m honest. The last slater brothers story to be told and in my opinion the best one and that’s saying a lot because I have loved this series from the beginning. Damien for me was the story I wanted, no needed the most. His past is painful and so sad and it’s the one that broken my heart. Alannah she for me is the innocent one out of all of the women in this series. She has a heart of gold and will do anything for her friends and her family. Which is why I think she is perfect for Damien. These two have a rough start in this one reconnecting with each other after all those years have gone by. Alannah is clearly guarding her heart and rightfully so after having it shattered by Damien. As soon as i started reading this book I was instantly transported to the moment and instantly felt what she felt as if no time had past. This book was amazing and at many times throughout I could feel the hurt and the pain. Call me a masochist but I live for those angsty moments where you feel like your word may fall apart because you may have lost the one you love and this story at times gutted me completely. Damien oh I knew I would love him and I did. I loved his patience, his vulnerability and I loved it when he went all Alpha. And I loved that Alannah came out of her shell and stood up for herself when she needed to. Even though she’s so sweet and innocent she’s also tough. Not too mention that we see her break out of her shell a bit in this and at times that had me saying hell yeah girl show him what ya got !! At the same time however and what I absolutely love about The Slater Brothers is that there are also so many moments where I found myself laughing so hard. Whether it was because Nico was being well Nico and Bronagh was going to blow. Or Alec was being completely over the top because well let’s face it, he’s a bit of a drama king. LOL But that’s the thing with a great series. You fall in love with the characters. They all bring something to the table. They all are unique and add something to the storyline whether they are the main focus or not and you just want to live in their world even if it’s for a few hours a day. LA Casey always manages to create those moments for me where I find myself so wrapped up in what is happening. From the chemistry between Damien and Alannah, to the hilarious bickering between them all and even the moments where you waited on baited breath to find out what would happen next this book hit me in all the right spots. I want to reread it immediately. If you have never read this Slater brother series then you are seriously missing out. One of my top fav series ever which I’ve reread more times then I can count.

Title: Damien
Series: Slater Brothers
Author: L.A. Casey
Genre: Contemporary, Romance, New Adult, Romantic