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Dark Desire


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Well bleep! This story started with a damn bang and ended with another. I loved this story so, so much. It was dark but not as dark as I expected and feel it could have went there, but, I'm satisfied with it as is. The characters were very intriguing. Braxton is hot as sin, loved/hated the hot and cold moments. The man gave me whiplash. Karla she wasn't all she had the potential to be. She was a strong character but there were times she was more of a doormat and it pissed me off because she had a backbone (loved her anyway). I can't decide if I love Alessandro or Antonio or if I want to be sandwich between the two (probably the latter). There was one predictable moment for me and I hate that I called it but am I glad I was right. There parts that felt a bit rushed and made me feel like I'd missed something but it didn't stop me from loving the story. I can't wait for the next one...

I finished this book in one night. I loved Braxton, love his name, and his alpha ways. His hot and cold drove me crazy but that’s who he was and, you’ll find out, for good reason. I adore Klara! She’s such a strong, sassy woman. Completely different than the walked over women you usually read about. Her strength is tested at the end and she comes out a warrior! The way she holds her own, takes care of herself and then takes the bull by the horns! The relationship between Klara and Braxton is sexy, passionate and fast. But, it works well for them. There are secrets, lies, deception and it’s a wild journey to go through with them. Definitely a good read! I’ll also add that I fell right in love with Alessandro!! I seriously hope that man gets his own book and quickly, lol!

I had never read a book by this author before but I really enjoyed it. I love dark books so once I seen the blurb I knew I was in for a treat. From Braxtons dark mysterious ways to the kick ass sassyness of Klara to the twists and turns of every chapter. This book kept me turning pages. There were some predictable parts for me but all in all I really enjoyed this book and hope to see more from this author.

I loved this book! Klara is a bit naive but a strong women. Braxton, alpha as alpha can get. He tried to not fall for Klara but he can't help himself. This book was a fast read keeping you hooked through the whole thing. It starts out very surprising and continues to keep you guessing. I couldn't believe some of the twists. They kept me reading all night. This is the first book I have read from A.J. Daniels and I am looking forward to reading more.

This book! While you may think it's another run of the mill boy wants girl, gets girl then pushes girl away book, it's so much more than that. There's so much mystery and end of your seat action. If you want to read a dark but not too dark romance this is the book for you! The chemistry between Braxton and Klara is incredible. You feel like you're watching their lives right before your eyes. I honestly can't say enough good things. It reads incredibly fast and just when you think you've got it figured out another twist takes you on ride of ups and downs. It's wonderfully written! You won't be sorry you picked up this book!

You're going to need a neck brace!

Dark Desire follows Klara and Braxton and their on/off relationship. Braxton will give you whiplash with his back and forth with Klara, all in an effort to keep her safe. Braxton's world is dark and dangerous. This was a quick and easy read. I loved the mob aspect and drama that comes with the mob. I could have done without all of the sex scenes, so I did skim through those. However, you love alpha sex then you won't be disappointed. I just like it in small doses. Otherwise it was a good story and I'm curious to see what is in the next book.

Firstly WOW so I started reading this ARC and had a mini panic, it seemed so familiar so much like a series I had read before. Then boom it changed and was suddenly so gripping I couldn’t put it down. This is my first read from AJ Daniels and it won’t be my last. Dark Desire is exciting, dark, sexy with a badass leading lady. Loved loved loved it.


Klara Everyone always says love will find you when you’re not looking. Well, they’re not wrong. Except, the man my heart stupidly fell for was more interested in playing his own twisted game of catch and release. Claiming me for himself, then pushing me away when I got too close, but there was an aura of darkness clouded around him. A darkness that beckoned to me. A darkness I was grateful for when those he thought he could trust ripped me away in the middle of the night to be a pawn in their own sick, twisted game. Braxton She was supposed to be an itch I needed to scratch. That red dress and those pale blue eyes called to me like a siren. In my line of work falling in love is dangerous. “I believe there’s good in you, Brax,” she had said. “Baby, I’m the thing monsters are afraid of,” I warned her. I pushed her away, thinking she would be safe from this fucked up life I lead. I couldn’t’ve been more wrong. My enemies smelled fresh blood. They knew if they wanted to take me down, they had to get to her. But it wasn’t my enemies I had to worry about. No, the threat was a lot closer than I thought. It shouldn’t have surprised me. After all, the devil was once an angel. Klara was my light out of this hell, and now she was in danger of being snuffed out. But not if I could help it. They should’ve thought twice before taking what belongs to me. Now, I’m out for blood, and I’m not stopping until my concrete floor runs red.


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