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Decidedly With Baby


This was my very first book by Stina Lindenblatt and I absolutely enjoyed this read. It was light hearted with a bit of heavy but not too much but it was just absolutely adorable. The two main characters Holly and Josh are friends and both of them are very career orientated not looking for a relationship. The give into their attraction for one fleeting moment and that moment turns into another and another. Without getting into the storyline these two find themselves expecting and how they handle it definitely had me engaged and wanting to see what would happen with these two. Josh, well 1. He's a hot hockey player and me being Canadian well I am programmed to love hockey players. 2. He's a stand up guy and made my heart swoon at some of his sweet gestures throughout this book. 3. Hot hockey guy with baby Holly is a fiery red head that had a good head on her shoulders, wasn't the hockey groupie that you hate and she was independent. There were moments in this book where I chuckled and moments that I had to fan myself because her and Josh's chemistry was pretty freaking hawt. For me this was a feel good read that gives you the warm and fuzzies all over. Definitely won't be the last book of Stina's that I read that's for sure.

My Rating

Reviewed by Mel


One-Night Stand Rule #1: always check the condom’s expiry date. Oops. Career-orientated Holly Whittaker has a plan, and being a mom is not part of it. Her not-quite-a-fairytale childhood involved being brought up by thirty nannies (yes, thirty!), so what the heck does she know about being a mom anyway? Playboy Josh Hoffer has no room in his life for a family or steady girlfriend. His hockey career comes first. Life is tough when you’re on the road more times than you’re not. Besides, what does he know about diapers and baby yoga and fairytale princesses? After Holly receives some unexpected bad news, she’s looking to blow off a little steam, and hot sex with Mr. No Commitment himself fits the bill just fine. But sex is never without consequences, and this time it’s more than her heart that is at stake. This time, Mr. No Commitment and Ms. Career need to figure out what’s really important to them and find room in their heart for another—plus one. Warning: Contains naughty texts, shower sex, and enough profanities to fill an oversized swear-word jar.


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