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Enduring You


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Keegan has been unlucky in love. Or so she thought. The secrets unravel, but not before she met a hunky fireman online. Jack, sigh, we all want a Jack right? This pair have their fair share of ups and downs at the hands of their exes. Sometimes you want to bash their heads together but you cannot help but love them both. A good love story with plenty of twists to keep you turning the pages.


Enduring You is Keegan's story. She's a strong female that isn't afraid to speak her mind, but isn't afraid to admit her insecurities. Her frustrations with her ex-husband's interference is relatable, but when you find out where Will is coming from you don't know whether to feel bad for him or cheer him on. When she meets Jack, you can't help but think she's finally getting her happy ever after. BUT . . . . . . you just have to read the book.

Do any of us truly know the people we love and trust? Keegan Henderson married the love of her life—twice. And divorced him—twice. An intelligent and high-spirited thirty-four-year-old, Keegan finds herself once again living with her parents while juggling her duties as a mother to her preteen son and discovering who she is as a newly single woman. Her ex-husband, Will, a state police investigator working undercover, is a man with a past. His buried secrets are catching up with him, forcing their way into his present, and as a result, he chooses to deceive those he loves in order to protect them. On her journey to moving on, Keegan has a chance meeting with Jack Grady, a local firefighter, and their attraction to each other is one that neither can deny. But Jack also has baggage of his own that is proving to be too much for Keegan to handle. As their vulnerabilities are exposed, a series of unexpected events occurs, shattering lives along the way.


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