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What what I literally don’t know what to say. This book yes another five star read. I can’t get enough of this series it is hands down one of my favs and I seriously started reading these on Friday.

Dante omg yes I loved him. He’s got a temper, he’s danger and hot hot hot.

I honestly don’t even know what to say here because as per usual RVD has sucked me in to the point where my thoughts are all over the place.

This book will have you a little bit speechless and a whole lot of OMFG what just happened. What in the hell just happened. My heart Dayumm I simply can’t get enough of this mafia madness.

Once again we there are so many things happening in this. Dante has a choice to make as to whether or not he wants to take his rightful place as head of his family.

This series continues to have me completely engaged and Rachel Van Dyken always comes through with the shock value that I love so much. Her male characters are dangerous, sexy, sinful but also always have that deep deep protective nature about them. Her heroines are equally as fierce, they not only put up with the life of the Mafia but they get themselves knee deep into it and that to me is soooo badass.

Enrage will leave you reeling at the end of it and I can tell you your heart may break a bit but you will be desperate for more.

My Rating

Reviewed by Melissa

Part of a world I loathe. Part of a family who hates me more than I hate myself. Living with a girl who reminds me of my darkness. I'm. In. Hell. Also known as the Cosa Nostra. My life was over the minute I stepped off that plane. Son to a murdered mob boss. Heir to a throne of murder and lies. My name is Dante Nicolasi. And there will be blood.


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