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Etched In Stone


See what our review team is saying about Etched In Stone.


This story has the perfect mix of drama and people you love to hate. This story completely melted me!! If i wasnt jumping off my sofa in horror, i was doing one of those awful soppy smiles. Yeah, im not usually one of those soppy girls, but my god i felt it with this book.

This story has the perfect mix of drama and people you love to hate, but it has alot of true friendships and people you love. I absolutely love this book for giving me all the feels. Already looking forward to the next books. ~ Katy

Rating 5 Stars


An Amazing Suspenseful Romantic Read!

Emotional… Heartbreaking… Touching… Suspenseful… Romantic… Sexy… Sweet…

These are just a few things that pop into my head when trying to describe Etched In Stone. This is my first time reading anything by Mayra Statham and I am hooked. Her words in this story were beautifully written and kept you wanting to turn the page to find out more.

While reading the book the connection with the name of it “Etched In Stone” didn’t really register until the last chapter and then I had an “Ah Ha” moment and it all clicked. The name is perfect for the connection between Parker and Liz. (Trust me, read the book and you will see).

Parker is a “ladies man” who isn’t looking for more. Liz has been hurt in the past and holds herself back except for just a few close friends. When Parker sees Liz at a wedding he becomes infatuated with her. The two are then taken on a journey that includes lots of sexy @ss scenes with some drama thrown in the mix. Can the two survive through it all?

I literally cried because I had to go to work and do “real life” things. I didn’t want to put the book down – I needed to know The Who, What and Why. Just loved everything about Etched In Stone and can’t wait to read more from Mayra Statham. I highly recommend this book – a definite One-Click! ~Emilie

Rating 5 Stars


Great story with fantastic characters. Parker, is a determined guy, who never gave up climbing Liz’s walls. They both has a lot of passion for each other. The battle this pair go through has some interesting twists you don’t expect, when Liz’s past comes out and Parker jumps to the wrong conclusions. A definite one to read! ~Sarah

Rating 4 Stars


It was different from the others and I was drawn into the intense love that these characters have and watching them work out … This is my forth book by this author, I found my self really enjoying the characters and the plot. It was different from the others and I was drawn into the intense love that these characters have and watching them work out all the kinks and get a happy ending was worth the journey it took to get there.

Liz was so strong. Everything she had to endure, made her into this easy to do you like to character. She broke my heart and made me feel all the feels! I felt that the issues she had, really worked well for the story and her overall character.

Parker was a great package. He was sweet but at the same time a take charge Linda guy that I couldn’t help but swoon over. There was some push and pull on his part, but seeing him work for what he wanted was beautiful.

The plot was a wild ride. Found my self liking the mystery of it, but I loved the love story. There were many times my heart broke, but I won’t tell you detail because you should experience them for your self. These two characters are really meant to be together and while it wasn’t always easy for them, some times getting to where you need to be isn’t all sunshine and rainbows.

I do have to say that there were a few times that this book made me lose my interest. I normally love long books, and this book was long and well written, but it didn’t always keep my attention.

Overall, I really enjoyed my first look at this authors writing. I do plan on reading the first book in the series, because I love seeing the characters that were from that in this book, and I feel it will give me an insight. ~Jessica

Rating 4 Stars


One look, one moment and I was completely defenseless. One touch, one embrace and I was utterly consumed. One kiss, one caress and that's all it took. One look and thirty-four year old Parker Stone knew his life would never be the same. She called to him unlike anything ever had in his life, sparking an unbridled desire and captivating him completely. One touch and twenty-eight year old Liz Del Rio wasn’t sure she’d be able to walk away. Experiencing a life full of disappointment and heartache, she wasn't looking for a relationship, let alone love and all the risks that came with it. Every time life had taught her the same lesson: not to let people in because they always leave and when they leave, it leaves scars upon your soul. One kiss sealed their fate and they knew they would never be able to live without one another. .Liz and Parker embed themselves into each other's world. Passion burns bright and fast, but what happens when your lives are connected in ways you could have never imagined? Secrets from Liz's past threaten to break not only what they have, but who she is as they learn that once love is etched in stone nothing can make it crumble.


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