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Etching Our Way

Book Review


Wow !!! That’s one word that I would use to describe this book. Another one is Amazing. This was angst heaven and for a lover of angst which I definitely am this book punched me right in the gut. I felt everything with this story, pain, heartbreak, forgiveness, and peace. Harmony and Tristan’s story is full of ups and downs. This was an epic second chance romance but boy oh boy did it have its lows throughout this book. Tristan at times I was so angry with him but ohhhh he gutted me completely. So consumed by well just a shit deal it seems. I won’t get into details here and just say you need to read it. Harmony spoke to my inner soul. She was strong yet weak at the same time and I just thought how can she keep going. I would be completely broken, she was such a great character and i could relate to her on so many levels. Especially having experienced a lot of what she went through myself. This book is a must read. If you don’t get any type of feels from this book then all I can say is you are not human.


It only comes once in a lifetime, that all consuming love—the kind that grips your heart and soul like a vice and never lets go. When that love is threatened; you’d do anything to protect the only good thing in your life, even if that means surrendering and letting it go. A lot can happen in ten years—heartbreak, devastation, loss. But when a chance encounter throws two broken souls together again, will their pasts be too much to put behind them? Or will they be able to put all of their fears aside for one last chance at love?


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