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EXCERPT: Angels of Belle Meade

Title: Angels of Belle Meade Author: Lindsey Iler Genre: Paranormal Romance Release Date: December 6, 2018

We govern with broken wings, using fear and beauty as our weapons. Through inherited traditions, each of us are born to play individual parts in our reign. In previous years, the transition has been calm.

Until our generation is unveiled. Newcomers step forward to wreak havoc amongst us. Secrets are revealed, loyalties are tested, and the dark truth of our town is forced into the light.

Townspeople, prepare to meet your judge, jury, and executioner.

We are the Angels of Belle Meade. We’ll be coming for you.

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“I felt you,” I blurt. “In my bedroom. At first, I thought it was a dream. It was after we first met. It isn’t a coincidence we didn’t see each other for almost a week. I meant to avoid you, because maybe I didn’t want to admit what I already knew. You blanket me with this warmth, and I don’t like to admit how much I like it.”

“You felt me.” His words sound like a question. Back on his haunches, he stares down at me, and this wicked smile breaks free. It’s typically held in the confines of all the seriousness he tries to hold so steady. He knows what I mean. “I was wondering how long it would take you to realize it was my hands on you, digging into your skin, touching you in places no one else ever has. You liked it though.” He nods his head, pleased with himself. “Want to see what else I can do?”

I sit up and nod, eagerly, desperate for him to make me feel like that night in my bedroom. A man’s touch is unmistakable. I know when it grazes across my thigh. A warm breath across my skin is like feathers falling from the sky. There is certainty in the way a man can make me feel treasured, wanted.

Edric scoots until his body slips from the bed. He backs up to the gold desk in the corner. His eyes still on me, he brings the laptop to life with a simple touch.

“Now, lie down. Hands above your head, like before.”

“You’re bossy.”

“Something tells me, Lennox, you won’t accept me any other way.”

I do as he says, satisfied by the way he thinks he knows me.

“And let’s be honest, you and I both know you’re the one in charge.” He grins.

Without warning, my shirt tears from the top to the bottom, only a small tug felt against my skin. I’m left in nothing but my bra. Instinct tells me to cover myself. I glance at my hands above my head then to Edric and decide to keep them in place. The need to see what’s next is too good of an incentive to do otherwise.

“Is that the best you can do?” I taunt, smiling at the ceiling.

“That sensation in your bones”—a growl bubbles up from deep within his throat—“the one which brought you to my bedroom tonight, it doesn’t get easier.”

At his words, warm, wet lips hover on the frail fabric outlining my bra, almost fulfilling my skin’s needs. I close my eyes, sensing Edric above me, all while knowing he’s in the corner of the room.

“It’s a blood thirst.”

The top button of my pants pops.

“And blood thirst only beats harder in your veins when you haven’t satisfied it, Lennox. It’s a high you’ll want to replicate.”

And there goes the second button.

“You’ll get a small glimpse of it tonight under my watch, but it will never satisfy you quite like a killing.”

My breathing is erratic and unsure. Trust doesn’t come easy, and he’s given me little reason to tear down my walls. And still, here I lie, handing over the one weapon I have.

Lindsey Iler is the author of the Our Worlds series. She’s had her feet planted in the state of Michigan since she was born and she still lives there with her husband and four kids. When she’s not writing (which should be all the time, so if she’s not you have permission to yell at her), she’s spending time with family and friends, listening to music, reading (obviously!), and hopefully just enjoying every moment in life. She has a twisted sense of humor, tends to speak honestly, and her mind tends to feel most comfortable in the gutter. Lindsey writes mature young adult/new adult contemporary romance, as well as paranormal romance. She falls in love with every character that pops into her head and is notorious for writing long chapters in her notes on her iPhone (It is sort embarrassing how many started/unfinished projects are on that thing). She finds inspiration from music and the people around her.


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