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Fallen Woman


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Each book that I discover by Stephie Walls just keeps getting better and beter. Fallen Woman definitly did not disappoint. Each of the characters were put together perfectly that there was no way that I could not put this book down. This book was one that would pull on your heart-strings and didn't release you until the end. The story of Gia and Jase was one that is a Cinderella story that anyone that has been in Gia's shoes would dream of. There wasn't any part that I would of changed, everything that happened made the characters who they were. And it was the character along with the ability for Stephie Walls to tell a story that will make this one stay with the reader long after they are done reading.


This book is stunning. I fell in love with the characters from the get go, every single one. Holland shocked me, something i wasn't expecting. But a book where you cannot guess what will happen next, is a book well written. The storyline was unique which made me adore it even more. Its safe to say, i really loved this. An absolute must read!


This author has quickly become a favorite!! Her writing style captures the real life events of woman and men. Her books are so relatable but at times can be hard to read because of their close similarities to real life experiences. You just have to keep going though because the ending is worth the heartache and emotional roller coaster she takes you on!! This book was one of those I wanted to put down at times because it was such a tearjerker. I was literally on the verge of tears at one point! You have to read it for yourself! Its the best I've read of Stephie's so far!!


Gianna LeBron grew up in poverty. Destined to change her circumstances and her zip code, she rises up from the inner-city streets with an Ivy League education and affluent husband. A few short years later, she’s alone with three children, destitute and desperate. Finding herself in the same hell she’d fought so hard to escape, and determined to find a solution, she compromises who she is. Selling her soul for the almighty dollar, she does what she has to do in order to provide for her children. Caught between a secret love and her toddler’s unending need for medical care, Gianna’s forced to decide how far she’ll go to heal her daughter and save the man she loves. For money. For health. For Jase.


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