Falling For The Unepxected

Book Review
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This debut novel had our review team all fired up and it’s safe to say its a review team favorite.

See what our reviewers are saying about Falling For The Unexpected.


Oh my goodness, what a fabulous book! Simone and Kyle…eek! This book was so well written and had a fantastic storyline that you can’t help but love it! Angst and romance are always an amazing combination, throw in some unexpected twists and ultimately a HEA and I’m sold! ~ Angela

Rating 4.5 Stars

Love love love!!!!

I absolutely love this book!! The entire book, characters and storyline are so real. I could relate to almost every character. Simone is my hero, haha. She’s such an amazing, strong woman and I admire a mom that puts her child(ren) first, at all times. The relationship between her and Addie is remarkable and all real. I love me some Trent and am definitely in love with Kyle!! I can’t wait to read more about these characters, especially Addie and Ian! This was just a beautiful, real book that definitely gives you all the feels. A must read, for sure!! ~ Krista

Rating 5 Stars

Expect To Be Wowed

To say I was fortunate to read this book is an understatement. It’s a wonderful book! It’s more than a coming of age story. It’s more than a boy meets girl and fall in love story. It’s more than two broken people who overcame sad childhoods and become stronger, better people.

It’s more than those things. It’s truly hard to believe this is a debut novel for the author. It’s wonderfully written! The main characters, Kyle and Simone are incredibly likable. They’ve made mistakes in life but they work hard to overcome them.