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Falling For The Unepxected

Book Review

This debut novel had our review team all fired up and it’s safe to say its a review team favorite.

See what our reviewers are saying about Falling For The Unexpected.



Oh my goodness, what a fabulous book! Simone and Kyle…eek! This book was so well written and had a fantastic storyline that you can’t help but love it! Angst and romance are always an amazing combination, throw in some unexpected twists and ultimately a HEA and I’m sold! ~ Angela

Rating 4.5 Stars


Love love love!!!!

I absolutely love this book!! The entire book, characters and storyline are so real. I could relate to almost every character. Simone is my hero, haha. She’s such an amazing, strong woman and I admire a mom that puts her child(ren) first, at all times. The relationship between her and Addie is remarkable and all real. I love me some Trent and am definitely in love with Kyle!! I can’t wait to read more about these characters, especially Addie and Ian! This was just a beautiful, real book that definitely gives you all the feels. A must read, for sure!! ~ Krista

Rating 5 Stars


Expect To Be Wowed

To say I was fortunate to read this book is an understatement. It’s a wonderful book! It’s more than a coming of age story. It’s more than a boy meets girl and fall in love story. It’s more than two broken people who overcame sad childhoods and become stronger, better people.

It’s more than those things. It’s truly hard to believe this is a debut novel for the author. It’s wonderfully written! The main characters, Kyle and Simone are incredibly likable. They’ve made mistakes in life but they work hard to overcome them.

This book will put you on a roller coaster of emotions and all the while you are rooting for them. You want them to have their happily ever after because their lives are less than perfect but still they persevere.

I don’t want to give away anything because the story is so beautiful, you’ll want to go in not knowing what happens because you want to feel all the emotions. Life is unexpected but you can be sure to expect to love this book. I picked it up and before I knew, it was over and I was left with a warm feeling all over. It’s truly a beautiful story. Honestly, if I could give more than five stars I would. It did not disappoint in the least! ~ Letty

Rating 5 Stars


Wonderful debut novel

A story of the Phoenix rising out of the ashes and getting everything she truly deserved. Simone never grew up with a stable family life, living in foster care she was never able to trust anyone. She makes a bad choice but received a beautiful gift from that choice. Kyle also grew up with a tragic childhood but was lucky to have extended family, but will he ever overcome the demons from his past? This is a coming of age story, where hard work, having strength and courage and allowing yourself to trust in love can have great rewards. Wonderful debut novel. ~ Dawne

Rating 4 Stars


I loved this book.

Kyle and Simone. Wow. I loved this book!

I am normally a bit hard faced when it comes to crying over books but i will admit i shed a tear reading this. It was heartbreaking with what Simone went through and her and Kyle share a lot of pain. Both of their pasts are horrible and they both work hard to mask it. They have a lot to deal with with Simones ex Brad doing his hardest to create problems for then. They both over come them to be what they always wanted. Something they dreamed of. A family.

An amazing story line that left me hooked from beginning to end. ~ Katy

Rating 5 Stars


Totally BookSmacked

This story was written beautifully and kept real. I loved the dynamic between Simone and Kyle. Even little Stella was a gem. I can’t wait for all the rest of the gangs stories and hope all the characters continue to have a large presence still, so we can watch them all continue to grow.

Thanks for this amazing story, you certainly out did yourself Rachel! ~ Sarah

Rating 5 Stars


Amazing debut!!

A must read!!! Loved this Debut book and if this is what we got from her first book then I absolutely cannot wait for what she writes next!! Beautiful story but filled with lots of conflict and emotions! Oh Simone and Kyle! I wanted to hate Simone at first but after seeing what she went through in her childhood and continued to endure pain and heartache with Brad aka the JERK, you couldn’t help but feel for her and love her. And Kyle with his own childhood demons that he mentally locks up…my heart hurt for him! Their story proves you can overcome so much and end up happy! Loved their friends and family and getting to see glimpses of their stories mingled throughout the story and cannot wait for the next…fingers crossed for Addie and Ian;) 5 stars!!! ~ Jennifer

Rating 5 Stars


Beautiful Debut

Author Rachel Lyn Adams has written such a beautiful and heartfelt debut. Her story is filled with real life struggles and fears, warmth and growth, something not many authors achieve with the first book. Her characters enchanting and charming (except Brad, he’s just *gag*). Her ability to show not just tell her readers the story is astounding.

This tale is one of mistakes, learning from them, and growing. Life isn’t easy and if you don’t fight you’ll get nowhere.

Love it when an author doesn’t just write a story but adds a lesson in there. Adams has done just that and she’s done it beautifully.

Cannot wait to see more from this author. ~ Yericka

Rating 5 Stars


New author Rachel Lyn Adams just WOWed me with this book. They way Simone grew and Kyle fell just made me love them. This book ran through all my emotions. I laughed, cried and got really angry at one point. This book kept me up most of the night. I just couldn’t put it down. I can’t wait to see what happens next! ~ Nancy

Rating 5 Stars


This is my first book by Rachel Adams and I absolutely loved it! I loved how both main characters Simone and Kyle had to fight there own personal demons through the book. Along with that they both fought how they were feeling about each other. In the end they decided to give into it and realized they both were feeling the same. Suddenly Simone’s past comes back to haunt her and try to destroy the happiness between her and Kyle. In the end they overcome there challenges and end up together. I really enjoyed reading this book. I highly recommend this book! ~ Jackie

Rating 5 Stars


I read this book in one sitting, I was so drawn into this story! I cannot believe this is a debut novel!

It was fantastically written and had the right amount of sexy and sweet. It was a totally believable story and wasn’t farfetched.

I loved Kyle, he’s definitely one of my favourite book boyfriends I’ve ever read. a definite must read from a debut author ~ Emma

Rating 5 Stars


I am amazed that this is the authors debut.

The story line flowed so well you get caught up into it. Simone, like most females, has issues with herself. Mostly with how she was raised in her past. She gets hooked up in a bad situation but she makes the best of what she got thrown into.

Kyle also has past issues but like most guys, thinks they can handle everything themselves. The only one he trust is his sister. He trusts his friends but to a point. He meets Simone in such a horrible way. I love that the author didnt make this a instantaneous love affair. There’s a reality to this book that takes in everyday life.

I love the start of what I know is going to be an amazing series. Definitely want more of this author. ~ Rebecca

Rating 5 Stars


An amazing debut that hit me in a way I least expected it to. If this is her first book I can only imagine what’s to come.

I went in blind like I usually do. It’s my thing if you don’t know this by now. As I started reading I wasn’t sure what kind of storyline was going to happen.

I actually assumed it was about different characters then it ended up being about.

But I digress …

There was a character in this book that I wanted to maim I’m talking castrate and bitch slap the hell out of.

Then there is Kyle, smart, protective and oh he was a “knight in shining armour”.

The heroine Simone, I felt for her in so many ways. Mostly because there were elements of her situation that hit really close to home and it brought up emotions from my past that were somewhat painful. However as this story unfolds I again found similar elements of my own story when I found my own knight in shining armour also known as my husband aka fuckface. Now don’t worry it’s a term of endearment it’s how we flirt with one another.

What I’m trying to say is this book is sweet it’s so heartwarming and for me it was somewhat cathartic. It’s a must read you should all go preorder it. Because something’s when you least expect it you end up Falling For The Unexpected. ~


Rating 5 Stars


You’ll want to throw punches

I’m still in shock that this was a DEBUT NOVEL!! Got an ARC btw for an honest review! I got quite sucked in and was really taken with the struggles of poor Simone. This girl goes through hell and back with situations that many can relate to. So many times I found myself wanting to scream for her to put on her big girl panties and stand up for herself!!! The beautiful thing was watching her grow and how much she changed for the better. Inspirational character!

Kyle and Trent were LIFE!!!! I loved these characters so much. They gave me some serious swoon moments the both of em’. OH and if I ever met anyone even remotely like Brad I may or may not get stabby. Just. Sayin.

I would have liked a little more at the end, it seemed to end so abruptly…but perhaps

I just wanted to know MORE!

Well done! ~ Samantha W

Rating 4 Stars


What an amazing debut novel for Rachel Lyn Adams.

This book was one that had some aspects to it that hit me on a personal level. and that is one of the reasons that i found myself not able to put it down. I found myself wanting to strangle a character or two and then i would find myself having sympathy for some of the others. watching the characters find each other is the best part of this book.

this is definitely a book for someone that is looking for a book that shows the female character finding the she is stronger that what she was made to believe. looking forward to reading more by this author in the future. ~ Terri

Rating 5 Stars


All too often, in life, we make decisions based on circumstance. Sometimes it works, and sometimes… it doesn’t. And every now and again, all the wrongs we wrote are righted when we least expect it. This is what we see in Falling for the Unexpected.

Simone is a young mom who seeks the help of a friend who, somehow, becomes a little more. She tries her hardest to fight it, to fight off the pull she feels toward Kyle, the swoony-sweet attorney, but it’s to no avail. She can’t avoid it and he can’t deny her. And OH BOY he makes it known!! And, as if his determination wasn’t enough, Kyle is quick to show how much he adores her baby girl!!! Gah! *starry eyes* So damn sweet!!

Don’t even get me started on the secondary characters!!!

Can’t wait for book two and more glances into this world!

I’ll just lay claim to one of them now, you know, to save time… TRENT IS MINE!!! Yep! MINE!

Who is Trent, you ask? Well, guess you’ll have to read this book and continue on with the series to find out! *winks*

This books takes you on a journey that fills your heart with hope, reminds you that it’s never to late, and opens your eyes to the possibilities of a happily ever after. READ IT. ~ Meagan

Rating 5 Stars


He’s worked hard to overcome her past. He tries to ignore his. When their scars are reopened, will they be able to help each other heal, or will it be what keeps them apart? SIMONE For as long as I could remember, I’ve always wanted a family. When I finally get what I want, it’s nothing like I’d expected it to be. It never occurred to me that making one bad decision for all the right reasons could end so wrong. Now, I’m unsure about the future for myself and my daughter. But I can’t take it anymore. I’ve hit the breaking point. Knowing I want out, I turn to a friend for help. He’s completely off limits, so I never expected feelings to get involved. KYLE The past is always there, waiting to remind you of your pain when you’re most vulnerable. I’ve learned to keep people at bay so I won’t get hurt again. But when I see Simone struggling to do everything she can for her daughter, I can’t look away. It makes me want to be someone she can lean on, someone she can trust with her thoughts and feelings, but our shared history is complicated. When it becomes clear that she needs my help, I can’t say no. I was only supposed to guide her through the process—the most difficult time in her life. But now, I can’t stop thinking about her. Falling For The Unexpected is book 1 in the Life Unexpected Series. Each book in the series can be read as a standalone. Falling For The Unexpected contains mature content and is for readers 18 and older.


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