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Falling Into The Black


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Holy smokes!

Absolutely devoured this book. I seriously didn't want to put it down, working sucks! Anyway, amazing story line, and fantastic characters. I seriously didn't know who to route for. I honestly thought it was going a different route to the road it went. Hope there is more to come from a certain someone, that didn't get the ending 😉😉 Nail biting page turner!

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Evangeline has had a rough time in life. Struggles to let people in after all that happened. Ten years ago she lost a lot but what she never expected was that it would all come flooding back when her and Carter meet again in an unlikely situation. A complicated love triangle, a lot of secrets and of course a lot of drama. A good read!

Falling into the Black was a pretty good read

Falling into the Black was a pretty good read. The changing of the the male and female POV was something that i found was needed to follow how each of the characters were taking the way that things were playing out. I liked the chapters that gave you a insight into the past years, it was something that helped with the unfolding of the characters current situation. there is a love triangle in away that is being played out, so if you are one that is not into this kind of storyline then this is not for you.


Ten years ago we said goodbye.

I left the world I knew to create a new life for myself. Away from the lies. Away from the pain.

It was all going as planned until two masked men became my euphoria. One was a player deep in the game. A teacher both intimately and figuratively.

The other was a quiet director. A man who tempted me with his stares and set me on fire with his dark whispers.

His secrecy excited me, bringing me to levels I've never imagined. I thought we were playing a game, but little did I know he knew exactly who I was.

I just wish I figured out his true identity before I fell for his best friend.

* Falling into the Black is a standalone novel with an HEA.

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