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Fighting For Your Touch


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This is my first Nikki Ash book and I was NOT disappointed! I loved reading Caleb’s story. I don’t want to give any spoilers, but my heart broke for him when I read his story. And Marco! Oh, Marco stole the book for me! What a great story, I will definitely read more of this series. ~ Krista

Rating 5 Stars


I liked the description of this book. It was vague, but at the same time I can’t be wondering what’s going on who destroyed Caleb from the inside out, how is Hayley a game changer and so much more. The description said it’s best to read them in order, but I started with this one and while it will spoil the other books, it mainly just makes me want to read the others.

Haylee was so sweet! I really loved her dedication to do what’s right but at the same time, trying to get out of her comfort zones. With Caleb she was out of her depth because of his past, but she understood and I loved her for that.

Caleb broke my heart!!! His past, how he is in the press, oh my heart!!! But when he opened up and slowly changed, oh it was beautiful to see! His past really messed with him but he slowly moved on. He had his mean moments but by the end of the book he was like a new person.

The story was beautiful. A man overcoming his past and moving forward with his life has to be one of the best things about this book, and that’s saying a lot because it was awesome. There was a mystery about it, kids and a super hot man that feel hard for a women who could help ease his abuse from his past.

I wish there had been more fighting scenes, or even just talking about it, but with the plot played out, I can see why it wasn’t.

I truly can’t wait to read the first 2 books in the series and see what’s to come.

Overall, I love how the author had the supporting characters be a major part of the story! It kept me hooked right along with the plot. The plot also moved at the perfect pace and didn’t leave me having questions. ~ Jessica

Rating 4 Stars


First off, this is book three in a The Fighting Series but you certainly don’t need to read books one and two to follow along in this book. That being said, I plan on reading books one and two because the author did an excellent job in researching details for this book. It’s a quality read. I won’t give spoilers because you need to get this book and it’s Kindle Unlimited so it’s basically a free read.

Caleb is a man who was burned by women from his teen years. He doesn’t trust women and other than having a good time with them, he doesn’t stick around. That is until Hayley. Haley is sweet and good. She deserves a man who is open to receive her love and warmth.

Caleb realizes in order to keep Hayley around, he’s going to need to fight for her, fight for their relationship, fight for love. Can he be the man Hayley truly deserves? ~


Rating 4 Stars


Another hit and must read

In the prior books I got a glimpse of Caleb and his attitude. I wondered what was going on with him. Women are his issue but not how you think it is. Now enter his story.

My heart broke for Caleb. It celebrated for him.

Hayley has always had a thing for Caleb but he always pushed her away.

It is a tug of war. You have to read this series in full. Each story makes you reach for the next one unfortunately right now I must wait. I am so IMPATIENT!! please hurry with the next one! ~ Angela

Rating 5 Stars


Caleb As a teenager I learned firsthand how untrustworthy and cruel a woman could be. She destroyed me from the inside out and took everything from me. The first chance I got, I ran, and have been running from my past ever since. Until I met Hayley. She's a complete game changer. She's everything I never thought a woman could be. She's honest and sincere and completely selfless, And by some miracle she's fighting for me. I'm learning if I want to keep her, I'm going to need to find the courage to fight for us instead of finding the strength to run. This is an 80,000 word full length novel that can be read as a standalone (for full reading pleasure it is recommended to read in order)


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