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Forgetting You, Remembering Me

Review - Forgetting You, Remembering Me by Monica James

My throat hurts from talking so much while reading this book and my tummy hurts from the amount of chocolate I ate while reading this book but it was one of the best books I've read so far this year. This is the conclusion to the Memories from Yesterday series and this book had me even more engaged then Book 1 did and I didn't even think that was possible because Book 1 had me glued to my pages and reading well into the morning. This of course leaves off where Book 1 left off which had me reeling by the way. So right off the bat I'm a right back into it. This love triangle is messy, it's heart breaking, it's all consuming. My emotions through out this book were all over the place to the point that I was angry at every single character in this and there were times where my thoughts with the main characters bounced between hate and love, empathy and resentment. This is an emotional roller coaster and Monica James doesn't slow down she doesn't take it easy on you she pushes and pushes you till you think you've reached your limit and can't take anymore and then she pushes some more. It's brilliant !!! This series is now going on my all time favs, my ride or die reads list. It's pure angst through and through. Powerfully intense, infuriating, unforgiving but simply magnificent. I loved every heart stopping gut wrenching hair pulling moment of this book and this series. If you love a intense love triangle that will take you on a roller coaster of emotions then this is a must must must read. Just brilliant !!!!


The stunning conclusion to this epic love story that began with Forgetting You, Forgetting Me from International Bestselling author, Monica James.

The truth sets you free...but what happens when everything you believe in changes in the blink of an eye?

All I ever wanted was for my fiancé, Samuel Stone, to remember me. And now that he does...all I want is for him to forget. Through tragedy, I found myself and who I was destined to become. But more importantly, I found who I was destined to be with.

With a single word, Saxon Stone changed my life forever. He taught me how to live again. But now that Samuel remembers and all secrets have been revealed, I’m left to wonder which life I’m meant to lead.

Divided by my head and my heart, I’m torn between duty and desire. Samuel is my past while Saxon is my forever. The choice should be easy.

But love never is…


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