REVIEW: Fortis Security Series by Maddie Wade

Review - Fortis Security Series by Maddie Wade

Book 1 Healing Danger Review

When Lauren's best friend is killed she is distraught but was all as it seems or is she in danger now too? Dane is a member of Fortis Security who sworn he will protect the Lauren from anyone who is after her. I have to say I really liked this book it has enough intrigue to keep you guessing what happens next and enough of a love story behind it to keep me happy. ~ Four Stars

Book 2 Stolen Dreams Review

I love the Fortis series. The story has everything from adventure, action, kidnap and love. Skye is going the through the heartache of having and sick son. Nate has been through a heartache of his own but has an instant attraction when introduced to Skye and her son Noah. ~ Four Stars

Book 3 Love Divided Review

Lucy and Jace have major hurdles to face in the journey of their long awaited relationship. Will Lucy be able to face the what has happened to Jace and what it could mean for their relationship and her family. These to are defo my favourite in the Fortis family. Lucy is kick ass and Jace is a sexy hot soldier that would do anything to protect those who matter to him. ~ Five Stars

Book 4 Secret Redemption Review

Zack and Ava have history but he hopes to put it behind them as he needs her help. Little does he know she has a secret that will change his life forever. ~ Five Stars

Book 5 Broken Butterfly Review

Celeste and Vin gave been fighting their feelings for months but when Celeste is put in danger will Vin fight for her? For them? I couldn't wait to read this book Celeste seems so quiet and Vin is a silent but violent assassin. One of my favourite couples in this series. ~ Four Stars