Frat Hell

Book Review - Frat Hell by S.M. Shade

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Every now and again I crave a rom com read that will have me laughing and smiling until my face hurts. Frat Hell was just that book for me. From the get go I fell in love with the characters in this book. Noble and Jan were hilarious, sweet, and their story was just mushy goodness. This book was light hearted and down right funny. Their first date was sooo damn cute I couldn't help but have a shit eating grin on my face. Noble's personality is quirky, flirty and so sweet at times. His determination to win January's affection was admirable and I loved everything about his carefree attitude. January is like that friend you have that makes you laugh, is so supportive and you want her to find her HEA cause she's just great. I can see her being in my tribe. And let's not forget the entire cast of this neighborhood aptly named Violent Circle. The shenanigans that they get up to had me roaring. With some pranks that go terribly wrong to the way they ban together as a community to say damn the man in the most hilarious ways possible. The phrase "Oh shit, there goes the neighborhood" is what comes to mind. I haven't laughed this hard is quite some time. And I gotta give major props to S.M. Shade because the euphemisms in this book had me dying !!!! From Vasquatch to Snatchural I swear I cackled, snorted, had tears in my eyes and my stomach hurt from laughing so much. This is a definite recommend from me and anytime I see someone asking for a funny read this book will be one of the first books I recommend. Now this is how you write a rom com.

Romcom at its finest! This book was so well written that I could picture everything in vivid detail! It was down right hysterical throughout the book and kept me laughing but was also peppered with some more serious moments that kept it all real. I love that Noble finally won Jani over. I love their friends and Violet Circle and I really hope this isn't the end of them...I definitely want more.

Where do i even start with this book? Ok, first it is book 2 in the Violent Circle series, and although you don't NEED to read book one (Scarlet Toys), you definitely SHOULD! Frat Hell is the apartment building on Violent Circle that is housing college students- four friends and roommates. Noble has been wanting Jani for awhile, and when she gave him a date, and he completed it- he plans on collecting- a date with her. Jani is a worker at Scarlet Toys, the sex shop that had opened up in town. She decides to finally give Noble that date he's been wanting. But both living on violent circle hilarity ensues. Will there be a date number 2? I loved this book. Seriously, i loved it. I love a book that can pull out emotion from me- and this book makes me laugh out loud & grin & smile like a damn fool. SM Shade really knows how to bring the funny- with some sexy, sweet, cute and moments of drama. I don't want to give anything away- but just know this is a book that you definitely should read. Find out more about Noble, Frat Hell, Jani, and Violent Circle in this book. 5⭐ out of 5⭐.