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Frat Hell

Book Review - Frat Hell by S.M. Shade

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Every now and again I crave a rom com read that will have me laughing and smiling until my face hurts. Frat Hell was just that book for me. From the get go I fell in love with the characters in this book. Noble and Jan were hilarious, sweet, and their story was just mushy goodness. This book was light hearted and down right funny. Their first date was sooo damn cute I couldn't help but have a shit eating grin on my face. Noble's personality is quirky, flirty and so sweet at times. His determination to win January's affection was admirable and I loved everything about his carefree attitude. January is like that friend you have that makes you laugh, is so supportive and you want her to find her HEA cause she's just great. I can see her being in my tribe. And let's not forget the entire cast of this neighborhood aptly named Violent Circle. The shenanigans that they get up to had me roaring. With some pranks that go terribly wrong to the way they ban together as a community to say damn the man in the most hilarious ways possible. The phrase "Oh shit, there goes the neighborhood" is what comes to mind. I haven't laughed this hard is quite some time. And I gotta give major props to S.M. Shade because the euphemisms in this book had me dying !!!! From Vasquatch to Snatchural I swear I cackled, snorted, had tears in my eyes and my stomach hurt from laughing so much. This is a definite recommend from me and anytime I see someone asking for a funny read this book will be one of the first books I recommend. Now this is how you write a rom com.


Romcom at its finest! This book was so well written that I could picture everything in vivid detail! It was down right hysterical throughout the book and kept me laughing but was also peppered with some more serious moments that kept it all real. I love that Noble finally won Jani over. I love their friends and Violet Circle and I really hope this isn't the end of them...I definitely want more.


Where do i even start with this book? Ok, first it is book 2 in the Violent Circle series, and although you don't NEED to read book one (Scarlet Toys), you definitely SHOULD! Frat Hell is the apartment building on Violent Circle that is housing college students- four friends and roommates. Noble has been wanting Jani for awhile, and when she gave him a date, and he completed it- he plans on collecting- a date with her. Jani is a worker at Scarlet Toys, the sex shop that had opened up in town. She decides to finally give Noble that date he's been wanting. But both living on violent circle hilarity ensues. Will there be a date number 2? I loved this book. Seriously, i loved it. I love a book that can pull out emotion from me- and this book makes me laugh out loud & grin & smile like a damn fool. SM Shade really knows how to bring the funny- with some sexy, sweet, cute and moments of drama. I don't want to give anything away- but just know this is a book that you definitely should read. Find out more about Noble, Frat Hell, Jani, and Violent Circle in this book. 5⭐ out of 5⭐.


Oh my God! This book had me in Stitches! I had a few laugh out loud moments where i was looked at like i am insane. I am but whatever. I really didnt want to put this book down at all. I loved everything about it. S.M Shade is quite literally a comedy genious. Loved it!


I haven’t read ‘Scarlet Toys’ as yet, so I was worried ‘Frat Hell’ might confuse me, It really didn’t though. I loved this book. I’m still laughing about the words vagsquatch and panty hamster, how does SM Shade come up with these?! January and Nolan are so cute together. They had me sitting smirking at the kindle, my husband thinks I’m losing the plot 😂. I adored Nolan’s roommates and I’d love to drink with those boys 😉. SM Shade is a friggin genius in my humble opinion. Between ‘Frat Hell’ and ‘Worth It’, this woman can do no wrong.


Omg where do I start. Noble has lusted over Jani for 2 years, after finally breaking her down he got his first date. And what a first date, fishing with a difference it was amazing from start to finish. Noble is hilarious and Teamed with Jani there is no stopping them. This book had me laughing out loud all the way through. Violent circle is an amazing community and they all rally together. There is no beating this lot down. Denton also come into his own in this book. He needs his own story. To summarise this book is hilarious, has romance, love, family feel. Great community a must read.


Shade did it again. Another hit. This book had me laughing from the beginning. I knew that Shade was going to have her work cut out for her after Scarlet Toys, and she did not disappoint. The characters were perfectly constructed along with the entire story. I want more from the Violent Circle. Noble and Jani were two of the characters that you were introduced to in Scarlet Toys and this is your chance to get their story. And because they are residence of Violent Circle you know that their story is nothing short of entertaining. Word of advice do not drink while reading this one, unless your OK with the possibility of choking on said drink from your laughing. And there may be a chance that you may laugh so hard that you may pee a little.


I loved this book! I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time. The Violent Circle series is so good. The characters that live on Violent Circle are just that, characters. Frat Hell is the name of the apartment on Violent Circle that four college students, friends and roommates live in. Noble is one of these. He has been after January for a while. Jani finally agrees to go on a date and Noble goes all out. There is witty banter, quick comebacks and pranks. I was laughing so much my husband kept staring at me. I had to read some of the funny things to him and had him laughing along. This is a can’t put it down till it’s done book. I can’t wait to see what S.M. Shade has in store for more of Violent Circle!


Oh man, I may have laughed until I peed my pants... Frat Hell was hilarious, even more so than Scarlet Toys. The characters of Violent Circle never fail to blow my damn mind. I have a very odd sense of humor, so, finding,a book that makes me laugh uncontrollably is almost rare. I loved Noble and Jani in Scarlet Toys, they were comical and amazing supporting characters, in this book, they grew. They were still hilarious, but, I grew to love them. They are definitely quite the pair. And for the love of goodness, where the hell does the author get her damn sayings? They fucking killed me, I laughed so hard at each of them. Highly recommend this book, it's a really good read.


Another funny addition to Violet’s Circle. I always knew I would like Noble, he made me laugh in the first book and he didn’t disappoint in this book. Some very funny moments once again that I think all readers will enjoy.


I chuckled and laughed until I cried reading this book! Noble and Jani are a hilarious couple. In the first book, Scarlet toys, Noble is seen as a typical college guy but we get to know him so well in Frat hell and he is nothing like I perceived him to be. He is focused on making something of himself and is on his way to achieving them. He is also stubborn since he has spent the last two years trying to get January to go out with him. When he cashes in on the deal he made with Jani for the date in Scarlet Toys, he shows her a different side of him that makes her change her perception of him. Poor Noble got hurt a lot throughout this book but they sure were some funny scenes!


A total laugh out loud, snort fest of humor; add a love story in the mix and you have the recipe for Rom Com entertainment at its best. I totally love this series!


Then this is your next romcom. I haven’t given a five star review in a while. Jesus Christ, this book was freaking hilarious! I just love Noble so much. This story was just like watching best friends have fun and more. Definitely rereading this one!


I gotta say I love Rom Coms, and this by far is one of my fav's of the year, This is book 2 in the series, but there stand alones. I didn't read book one but after finishing this I one clicked it. I love S.M Shade style of writing. S.M Shade had me laughing at the attics Nolan and his housemates get in to. Noble a fun flirty personality, is set out to have a date with Jani a guard women watching who wins her heart, Noble finally wins a date with Jani and then the fun starts the banter between the two of them is hilarious. If your looking for a funny read then one click this you won't be disappointed.


I normally wait until the next day to review a book because I like to reflect on it. I'm writing this review just after finishing it for the second time. I just couldn't' wait to share my feelings! I laughed so hard throughout the book and I'm laughing now just thinking of the book as I write this review. This book is slapstick comedy at its finest. It's like reading about Laurel and Hardy, The Three Stooges, and I Love Lucy all in one. January is the perfect female lead and Noble, well, he's Noble. Funny book, I can't recommend it enough!


She has hit it out the park again!

I don't know how she does it with the Violent Circle books but they just get better and funnier! I laughed so much at this book that I had people at work asking if I was OK lol. Nobel has fancied January for years! She is IT as far as he's concerned he just has to get Jani to see that she feels the same! So many highlights to this book but don't want to put any spoilers in so all I'm going to say is get on your kindle and grab this book now. #clapper #UterusesBeforeDuderuses


A fantastic hilarious book

Yet another blinkin awesomely fantastic book from S.M. Shade. A hilariously funny book that will have you laughing and giggling in inappropriate places. I fell in love with Noble near enough from the start. His personality and answers to some of Hank's one liners were hilarious. I laughed so much at one point that I had tears running down my cheeks. The chemistry between Jani and Noble was so perfect right from the start. Some of the things that were said make me giggle even now, Jani listening to some ladies and before she goes she says "See you later ladies I have a basement dweller to deflower" even now as I write this I am giggling. It's a fantastic book and I am eager to read other books in this series. A great story with a continuation of all characters from the first book, great characters that are easy to like and fall in love with and a great book that kept my attention from start to finish.


This book was as funny as Gophers wearing tube socks. There was fun, sex, humour and a ton of Smartassery.

The love story was perfect and didn’t over shadow the comedy, perfect example of a romantic comedy. The tough situations were there, giving you the slight angst you need. The plot was smooth. No questions downtime or lagging.

The characters, fuck they were perfect. From the secondary frat boys and neighbors to the family members they all fit in like the were whittled from the same pot plant.

If you like funny you will love this book. I am most Peed and I had a ton of laugh till you cry moments, cause you know how attractive those are. There was even snorting (laughing not coke).

Shannon really brought this community to live in this book. It makes you wonder what really goes on in her mind.

Definitely a 5 star, recommending to anyone that will listen read for me.


Frat Hell by S.M. Shade is NOW LIVE !!!!!!!!!

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That’s how the whole neighborhood refers to the apartment where I live with three other college students. It’s a bit judgmental, considering the neighborhood we live in is more like a zoo than an apartment complex, but not inaccurate. If you put that many young guys together, things are bound to be interesting. I still maintain that the giant water guns filled with poison ivy water were not my idea.

January Dixon.

She’s the girl I’ve lusted after for years. A smart mouth and sharp tongue surrounded by soft beauty and a body I’d give up an organ just to touch. An important organ, like a kidney, not one of those lame ones like a gallbladder.

It’s a tricky situation since she lives right down the street, and dating a neighbor generally isn’t a good idea. But this is Violent Circle, where normal may as well be a dirty word. Thanks to an impromptu fashion show where I tossed all self-respect aside and strutted my stuff in full bondage gear in front of our small town, she now owes me a date.

And I plan to collect,


“So, we just chuck it out there and drag it in?” I ask.

“Pretty much. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to feel if you’ve caught something or if it’s just trapped between rocks. It’s not very rock here, so it’s a good beginner spot.”

A cute smile flashes across his face as he asks me, “Are your ready?”

“Let’s do it.”

“Later, beautiful, for now, we fish.”

A giggle escapes me as I reach for a rope. “Just show me how far to throw it.”

“We’ll do the first one together. Then we have to put some space between us so our magnets don’t find each other. When they get stuck together, they’re a bitch to pull apart.”

Handing me a pair of gloves, he grabs the rope, and we walk to the edge of the water. He throws the magnet hard, and it splashes as it disappears underwater. The current pulls a little on the rope, but the magnet is heavy enough to sink.”

Standing beside me, he says, “Just pull it nice and slow.”

“Are we still talking about the rope?” Before he can reply, I feel a slight tug. “I think I have something!”

Noble puts his hand on the rope in front of mine and tugs a little. “It’s something big.”

Excitement floods through me as I imagine all the things that could have ended up in the river. What if it’s a safe? A safe full of money!

“Keep pulling, steady and slow so you don’t lose it.”

The object is getting closer and closer, a little more and I’ll be able to see it. When I pull again, the rope won’t budge. “It’s stuck on something.”

I try to hand Noble the rope, but he moves behind me instead and reaches around my sides, gripping the rope along with me. Together, we manage to get it moving again without losing the mystery object.

My squeal of excitement make Noble laugh. “You aren’t having fun on our date, are you?” he teases

“As long as you understand I’m keeping all the money we find in the safe we’re dragging up.” His laughing scares away some nearby birds. “It's like finding buried treasure,” I add.

“Don’t worry, there’s only one booty I’m interested in.”

“Pirate puns, really?”

“So, I’ll be swabbing my own deck?”

Laughing together, we give the rope one last heave and the object clangs, flips over, and lands in the mud.

“Don’t spend all that money in one place,” Noble snorts.

“A shopping cart? Who throws a shopping cart in the river?”

Noble sloshes through the mud and yanks the magnet free. “It’s not the first one I’ve snagged.”

“What’s the best thing you’ve caught?”

He turns and grins at me, giving me the urge to kiss that little dimple. “Your eye.”

It was a completely lame response. So why do I want to throw him down in the mud and ravage him? My lack of reply just makes his smile broaden.

“Ha! No comeback and you’re blushing. I think I won that one.”

“And what do you think you’ve won?”

Noble throws the magnet back out. “Well, another date, at least.”

“We aren’t even finished with this one.” I take the rope from him.

“No, all our dates have to end with a kiss.”

The thought of his lips on mine sends a spike of excitement through me, but I can’t let him see it.

Keeping my voice as nonchalant as possible, I ask, “So if I kiss you now, we can call it a day?”

Sauntering up to me, his grin falls, and his voice deepens. “Do you want me to kiss you, January?”

The rope in my hand is forgotten, dropped to the bank as his hand cups my jaw. His palms are warm against my face. He presses his soft lips to mine for a moment, then retreats, before kissing me again, just as tenderly. It’s the sweetest kiss I’ve ever been given, and my stomach explodes in butterflies like a teenage girls. It feels wonderful.

I’m so screwed.

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About the Author

S.M. Shade is a homeschooling mom hopelessly addicted to Dr. Pepper, love stories, sunshine, and men with full sexy lips, though not necessarily in that order. A voracious reader since sounding out her first word, she started writing as a teenager and rediscovered her love of writing as an adult. Originally from Indianapolis, she now lives in a small Kentucky town with her teenage son.

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