Rachel Van Dyken has once again had me fall completely in love with her writing. Hook, line and sinker I'm so hooked that I was up till the wee hours of the morning devouring this book. I mean Miller is fucking dreamy but then again so is Grant. I was completely ready to be in the middle of all that sexiness. While at the same time I'm ready to grip my hair and hold my head firmly in place because I felt like I was watching a fucking tennis match I think I gave myself whiplash. All the while holding my breath at how the hell this was going to play out. Rule number 1: no fraternization ??? Are you Fucking kidding me. No way can we have two sexy as fuck men like this and not be able to just lie down spread eagle and say welcome to an all you can eat buffet. But there's always that one, the one that got away the one that holds your heart. Or is it too late and the cocky yet thoughtful shining knight in armour rescues you from pains of the past. I don't Fucking know... What I do know is that at a certain point while reading this book I did that "Oh god oh Fuck !!!!" And I felt my heart tighten up while I took a deep breath. I thought for certain that this book was . going to go a certain route but RVD changes up the game a little while at the same time pulling on my heartstrings And as this book continued I found my heart literally pounding. Yup I love that all out heart beating out of you chest feels. The one where you find yourself right in the book as one of the characters and when they feel it you feel it right with them. A heart pounding romance with all the feels. This book is a new fav read for me.

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Reviewed by Mel