Get It On

Review - Get It On by J. Kenner

The fifth book in the Man of The Month series features Tyree who is also the owner of the fix on sixth which happens to be the bar that this series is centered around. At the end of Book 2 we got to see that Elena shows up at the bar claiming to be Tyree’s daughter and that had me definitely interested in seeing what would happen next. The beginning starts of exciting as it recalls that moment again but this time we also get to meet Elena, Eva’s Mom and Tyree’s first love. I do love a bit of drama and this book definitely has some of it. This story unfolds and we find out what happened to these two in the past and see some feelings come back to life. For me this was just an ok read as I had trouble connecting to the Tyree and Elena. For me I felt something missing and that their past and their current issues were too easily overcome. Again this is a shorter read then your average book but I still wanted some depth to this story. I will still continue to read this series but this one just fell a bit short for me.

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