Hideaway was one of my most anticipated books this year and Oh my gawd Hideaway is now one of my top reads. I mean Corrupt was fucking amazing and consumed me for days.

Hideaway is no different and I devoured this staying up until 4 am until this was done. The anticipation throughout this whole book had me gripping my kindle and so engrossed in the story that everything around me ceased to exist.

I am in love with Kai. He's the quiet one, he is calculating and dayummm he had my pulse racing. I would die to be hunted by him.

The one thing that Penelope Douglas does so brilliantly is write some steamy scenes and this book has plenty of them. I found myself hot and bothered and I'll just say it completely turned on.

This book also had moment where I laughed out kid even though most of this book is intense there are times where I found myself chuckling.

This is one of those series that you devour and you wait anxiously for the next one. The Four Horsemen will toy with you, piss you off, arouse you, claim you and they will own you.