ICYMI - Weekly Release Recap Oct 16th - 22nd

ICYMI (In case you missed it)

Here are releases from this past week.

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Controlled 2: Loving An Alpha Male by S.K. Lessly

Control: the power to influence or direct people’s behavior or the course of events. It is indicative to such words as power, command, dominance, and leadership. Hello, Let me introduce myself. My name is Andrew Pierce, known to everyone as A.P. I’m a corporate attorney on the fast-track to becoming partner at the Law Firm of Goldstein, Parker, & Foster. My tamed hair is blonde, and my eyes are blue. I stand above six feet with pure muscle covering my entire body. I exude confidence, strength, aggressiveness, power and most of all, control. Shit, if I’m to be honest here… I am the epitome of fucking control. Most people strive to have control, but they don’t know the first thing about it. They use it as a means to harm, destroy or dominate. For me, control is like breathing. It’s my lifeline. I must have control. I must be in control. It’s not about my sick twisted need to dominate that’s ingrained in me no matter what. No, control for me is simple, it’s a matter of life or death. I’ve worked all of my life to master the art of control and believe me, it wasn’t easy. I have been tested, measured, and judged, but I never allow myself to succumb to the loss of control. So imagine my damn surprise, my panic, when for the first time in forever my control falters. Shit, it happened so fast that I couldn’t stop it. My breathing became erratic, and my heart beat raced so fast that I wasn’t sure if I would be able to… control it. I thought this was it, and I looked around my surroundings, frantically looking for the source of my lapse, waiting to destroy the threat, when my eyes fell on…heaven. This beautiful, stunning, magnificent woman before me stole my breath away. She was the reason why my control faltered. This was dangerous for a man like me, losing control like this. I knew what I must do; however, I still couldn’t move. It was that moment when I realized that for the first time in my life, I was fucked.

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The Four Horsemen: Hunted by LJ Swallow

Who is Vee? Where did she come from? And what is the darkness the fae can see inside her? Xander's reaction to these questions drives a bigger wedge between the fae and the Horsemen. His move isn't popular with the others because right now they need fae help more than ever. A bloody message and a series of murders lead to a search for a threat from the past. Instead, the Horsemen encounter something new and dangerous. The race is on to find out what the creatures are and how big a threat they are to an already chaotic world. Vee discovers using her powers has a strange effect on her relationship with the Horsemen. Although this pulls her closer to the guys, the conflict between Vee and Xander continues. But is the greatest conflict within himself? And as the Five search for answers, someone watches. What does he know? Can he help? Or does he have an agenda of his own?

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Shades Of Her by Priya Grey (Author), Ozlo Grey (Author)

Will He Ever Love Me, When All He Sees Is Her?

Jackson I had everything a man could want. Money. Status. And above all: Love. But when my wife is taken from me, my life begins to fall apart. But now she's back. Back from the dead. I can relive our most passionate and tender moments together. I'm losing myself in her once again. But then I discover the truth about my wife. And everything I remember turns out to be a lie. Rebecca All I have to do is dye my hair, wear someone else's clothes, and follow a script. What harm can come from stepping into someone else's shoes in exchange for two hundred grand? Did I mention the deal includes sex with the hottest, most acclaimed painter of our time? It's a no brainer, right? Especially since I'm in desperate need of cash, so I can help my parents get back on their feet after losing everything in the storm. I fully commit to the part he's hired me to play. I never expected to uncover her secrets. And I never imagined I'd fall in love. Shades of Her is a standalone contemporary romance novel by the bestselling authors of HEALING MELODY. Ozlo and Priya Grey deliver an intriguing and sensual love story told from alternating POVs that ends in a heartwarming HEA. If you like your romances erotic and inspiring, one click Shades of Her today!

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Forgetting Jack Cooper: The Stuntman Edition by Erin McCarthy

If there’s one thing Toni Salvatore knows how to do, it’s make people laugh. Having embarked on a life of comedy back in college playing pranks with current Hollywood star Jack Cooper, she’s now a YouTuber with her own passionate following. Too bad her newest joke—a fake on-set kiss with Jack—results in an epic case of mistaken identity…and with Toni getting flattened by Jack’s stunt man and body double. What’s a girl to do but make the best of a bad situation? Chance Ashton takes everything seriously—he’s had to, because of his past. Then he mistakenly drops the hilarious and hot Toni to the ground in what he thought was an action scene, and he’s so intrigued he lets her kiss him after all. The results? More explosive than anything he’s experienced filming movies. When Toni seems to be interested in more than a fast laugh, he knows better than to believe her…and yet… For the first time in her life, Toni’s pratfalled herself into what could just be a real romance. But can she convince the sexy stunt man she’s capable of more than just a joke? Read the whole FORGETTING JACK COOPER series! Jack Cooper, current Hollywood It man, has a blockbuster new movie in the works all about redemption—only he’s never had to apologize for anything in his life, and he knows how lucky that makes him. To prepare for the role and score some publicity points along the way, Jack undertakes a round-the-country tour to make amends to those whose lives he’s inadvertently harmed. Only what Jack doesn’t realize is that fate is taking a ride-a-long on his redemption