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If It Walks Like A Killer


This book had me from the beginning. So many twists and so many things run through your mind.. thinking hmmm she did it.. then turns out it wasn’t that person. If you love crime and thriller you would love this book. I don’t want to say much but you do have to read it. I was on the edge of my chair here at work and kept thinking I knew who the killer was, but at the end it shocked me!!!


What Caide and Rachael Abbott want you to believe… They are happily married college sweethearts, parents to two beautiful children, and they lead a perfect, quiet little life. What you should believe… Nothing. Nothing they tell you. Nothing you hear. In fact, nothing in the Abbotts’ picture-perfect world is what it seems. But when their small town of La Rue, North Carolina is rocked by the brutal murder of a beloved member of the community, a manhunt begins, and neither Caide nor Rachael thought they would become prime suspects. Every belief Caide and Rachael have about their lives is thrown out the window… With mounting evidence and lives on the line, the Abbotts are forced to uncover what mysteries are hiding behind closed doors. When old wounds are torn open, secrets are revealed, and their sanity is put to the ultimate test, even memories can’t be trusted in their quest to find the truth. And when the community rallies for justice, suspicions of one another rise, leaving one question begging to be answered... If it walks like a killer, will the small town of La Rue ever know who the real murderer is?


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