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I absolutely loved this second chance romance by Sawyer Bennett. It had a little bit of angst, some comedy and the romance factor was absolutely there. I devoured this in one sitting, not able to put it down.

Eden and Cooper were high school sweethearts who ended up going their separate ways in college. Fast forward years later and Eden decides to escape back to her hometown after breaking up with her hollywood boyfriend.

What ensues is a little bit of friendly fire as she finds herself face to face with Cooper. There first encounter had me laughing up a storm as they figure out how to be around each other again. Slowly but surely feelings that never really went away start to surface.

I couldn’t stop smiling throughout this book and at certain moments definitely could feel the heat between these two coming off the pages.

Cooper was sweet, sexy, and at times throughout this book the one that came to

Eden’s rescue. He will definitely make your panties melt.

Eden may have looked like she led the glamorous hollywood life but my heart ached for her a bit as it isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. I found her to be strong yet vulnerable at the same time.

Eden and Cooper’s reunion starts off a little bumpy at first but will have you laughing and giggling. Their reconciliation will make your heart swoon and definitely have you saying Oh My.

Jilted was sexy, with some lighthearted moments, a great second chance romance that will have you devouring each page.

My Rating