Just Between Us


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This was a really cute friends to lovers read. I really liked Dillion and Lori. There were times they both got on my nerves but in the end they were perfect for each other. The secondary characters were great to, they helped make the main characters more realistic. The author did an awesome job at making me fall for these characters. There’s not a whole lot I can say. It’s a pretty laid back story with lightish drama. Dillion was great. Hiding the fact he was in love with his best friend, and then everything that happens. (Sigh) The author did awesome with him. If you can’t tell he’s my favorite character in this story. Also, I loved the epilogue. It was sweet and a perfect look into the future for these characters. If you want a friends to lovers read, then this book is perfect for that. I plan to read more from this author.

Cute friends to loves story. Very quick read for me. I enjoyed how they went from a friendship to love. I feel like he should of came out with how he really felt sooner, and not let it go on for as long as he did. Overall I enjoyed the story and enjoyed how they fell for each other.

I liked the idea that it was solely based on a guys pov. There's not a lot of books I read out there. It was a cute love story between two friends.