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Review - Justice by K.C. Lynn

Gawd dayumm !!!!! Justice was simply compelling and I feel like my ovaries are about to burst because Justice was so delicious I gobbled up every single bit of it. What a start to a series. Justice is all man ALL FUCKING MAN !!!!!!!!! He's intimidating, he's intense and when he's angry OH SHIT !!!!!!!!!!! It's hot. He's possessive and fiercely loyal, fuck with what he considers his and you are a dead man walking. I loved how this story started and that the beginning of the relationship between Justice and Ryanne wasn't drawn out we get a quick into of into how they began which was enough to completely have me engrossed and wanting to see what happens next. Let me tell you what happens had my eyes glued to the pages, my heart beating out of my chest and my palms sweaty with anticipation. Not too mention this town is full of some cold hearted bastards let me tell you. But Justice oh Justice made my heart sing. He's an alpha no doubt about it but when you see his soft side and you will know what I am referring to when you read this your insides will melt. I even caught myself sighing out loud because oh fuck it's just ahhhh I can't even explain it. You will know what I mean. Let's not forget as well about the other two Creed brothers, Knox and Braxton we are introduced to them as well and why this story mainly focuses on Justice there is enough of Knox and Braxton in this that has me dying with anticipation of their books. I'm almost ashamed to say that this is my first KC Lynn book. Yeah feel free to tell me off in the comment section. I hang my head in shame right now and trust that I will rectify this immediately by reading her other books. This was an amazing book that had me devouring it in a matter of hours.


Fate made us brothers, loyalty made us family. A bond that runs deeper than the Mississippi, my brothers and I might not have the same DNA but what we share is far more powerful. Our loyalty to one another and the man who made us a family is stronger than those bound by blood. The most sought out sharp shooters in the country, our paths were certain, before one woman changed my life and altered the relationship I have with my brothers. Ryanne Lockwood disappeared without a trace but her memory never faded, torturing me on the darkest nights. Until a twist of fate leads me back to her, sending our worlds to collide once more, and this time, there will be no escaping me. *** Justice Creed’s bad boy appeal caught my attention from the moment he rolled into town. For years I watched from afar, swallowing up the rumors that surrounded him. Until we shared a night of forbidden passion. One that destroyed my heart and reshaped my soul, and it sent me fleeing from the only town I’ve ever known. Now, years later, he's barged back into my life, uncovering a secret I've worked so hard to keep and it's one that will change our lives forever.


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