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I loved the plot of this book. Right from the start my heart broke for Leann, but seeing her open her eyes to living even after what she went through was amazing.

Leann is making a huge chance to move on from her past and I really admire her. She is sweet and really down to earth.

Brandon made me so mad at one point I wish he would have jumped off the ship, but, all his other quality a made me get over that really fast. He was sexy, and sweet, thoughtful and raw. He was a great hero.

So, like I said above; the plot was different. The whole mystery cruise thing was awesome and I would mind doing on my self! As the story went on I got more and more hooked with the characters and the plot. I do with that it was longer so we could have gotten more detail, more days of the cruise.

The main thing I didn’t like was how predictable things were. I can’t go into details because maybe it won’t be that way for other people, but for me, I know soon with the mystery aspect. While the ending was wrapped up nicely, I still felt that I needed more, and it wasn’t there. An epilogue would have been nice.

I would love to get another book with the secondary characters! They were awesome and I wouldn’t mind seeing their happy ending. And maybe a look at LeAnn and Brandon in the future.

Overall, being. My first book but this author I thought she did an awesome job. Sometimes things went a little fast, but I was still able to enjoy it because the characters were very easy to relate to. I plan to read more from this author. ~ Jessica

Rating 4 Stars


A whirlwind romance laced with bittersweet and sad undertones…Starting over is never easy and for LeAnn it’s been a long hard journey back to life, she finds strength and purpose in this story…she finds love, learns to let go, and offers forgiveness to the unforgivable…it’s an inspiring book! ~ Angela

Rating 4 Stars

A tragic accident changes LeAnn DeLuca’s life forever. After she loses the one she loves most, depression controls her life, and the only escape she finds is when she dances. However, after years of suffering, she grows tired of the life she leads and asks for help from an unlikely source.

After receiving the gift, LeAnn and her best friend board a cruise ship for destinations unknown. The mystery vacation may take her somewhere she’s not ready to go, but she must face it when her second chance takes center stage. Will LeAnn find her way back to her old, happy, adventurous self? Will she discover she’s once again living?


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