Longing For You


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I really adore the Never too late series. It shows real life love stories. Love is not always perfect, it can be really messy sometimes; but real love will endure if you want it bad enough. Shelly, at 56, has never been in love. She has it all with her work and friends, but never felt that feeling of love for anyone. Grant had the perfect marriage and love, but lost his wife 10 years earlier. Can two best friend find love? Wonderful story about middle age love. ~Dawne

Rating 5 Stars

This book was really different from things I’ve read in the past. It was a second chance romance but the ages were a lot higher then I’m use to. They were in their lateish 50s. It was different. It wasn’t a bad thing, i found my self hooked and looking past their age and really liking it.

Both main characters had a very nice maturity to them. Their age really played a factor in that, even though they were older they still acted young at heart. Jess was funny when she would fumble around and Scott had that “look at me attitude that I really liked. It just came off of him in waves.

I really liked the second chance plot. It shows that even if you life takes a turn later in life, don’t give up, you never know what might happen.

Overall, I liked it. It was short and sweet, and had a good flow. It was told on alternating 3rd POV, which isn’t my personal favorite, but the author did a good job! ~ Jessica

Rating – 4 Stars

A sweet romance about reunited first loves than are reunited in the strangest if ways. The story line was good but for me i would of liked a bit more drama.