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Lost Before You


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I loved the story of how Brea and Mason came together! I knew that they couldn't just be friends with benefits. I knew right from the start that they felt something more for each other and that things would go some place for them. These two had a fierce bond between them and were always meant to have something more then a friendship they just had to see past it and realize it. They had to work through and deal with some crazy things that happened in both there lives and help each other out but thats what friends and loves are for, to always be there for each others in the good times and the bad times. Another amazing read by Brooke O'Brien, I absolutely LOVED it!


Oh. My! I could not wait to read this after reading Callum and Ellie's story. After getting a peek into Mason and Brea's dynamics in Where I Found You (Heart's Compass #1) I was very excited to see that #2 was going to be their story!

I have literally read this book in one sitting, the relationship between Mason and Brea had me glued to my kindle and my heart in a flutter. Such a beautiful story of friendship and so much more. This author draws you, weaving you in to the story. You really need to read this book, especially if you have read #1!!


I loved the story of Brea and Mason. They were best friends always there for each other. Mason has been in love with Brea all along but Brea never knew. Then things change. After one fateful night everything changed. Brea are together but she insists that they are just friends. Everyone but Brea can see that it is more. After some twists and meddling friends they realize that they are perfect for each other. I can't wait to read the next store in the series.


I found it a little slow to get into at first, but, it didn't take long to find their bond something special. A real friends to lovers that was a nice change seeing the male pining for the female. Although it wasn't necessary to read the first book, I definitely want to read more on Callum and Ellie


Brea and Mason. Best Friends into lovers. Their journey is hard and they most certainly have stumbles along the way. Their friends give then a helping hand after seeing their connection. Family troubles. You name it, it has it. A great, sweet read that pulls on the heart strings.


I read this in one sitting, absolutely loved this book! Mason and Brea's story was exactly what I wanted and more!I can't wait for the next instalment, this author's writing style is brilliant and have me hooked from page 1!Another fantastic book from this author <3


​I wish someone would’ve warned me about the dangers of falling in love with your best friend. I was no stranger to covering up my problems with meaningless sex and alcohol. When Brea asked me for one night to help her forget, I craved being the man she needed. Just sex. No commitment. Then she begged me to promise her nothing would change between us. I couldn’t bring myself to lie to her. One night. One broken promise. I will never forget the night I fell in love with my best friend, and now nothing will ever be the same.

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