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See what our review team is saying about LOVE IN CARSON FALLS

A lovely story with so many tragic moments in it. Both Adrianna Morgan and River Bradshaw have seen enough of love and relationships to know it’s nothing but trouble. More trouble than it’s worth.

Adrianna is savagely betrayed by the one person she thought would love her forever. When he completely destroys her life she’s left alone and lost.

River Bradshaw was married to a very selfish woman, when she leaves, she doesn’t just leave him, she leaves him with their sweet little girl too.

Needless to say each of them are very leery to get close to anyone. When Adrianna decides to move to a the small town of Carson Falls, she takes a job as a piano teacher, it’s there she meets River and his daughter, Cadence.

This book is full of emotions, you’ll cry, laugh and sigh with joy. A sweet story and I look forward to the next in the series where we find out more about the people of Carson Falls. ~ Letty

Rating 4 Stars

This was a lovely story, with some heart breaking moments and a love that develops quickly. The bond these three have is a strong bond and heart warming, to watch. ~ Sarah

Rating 4 Stars

Amazing story!

I loved reading this book. I felt so many different emotions when reading this book. With reading everything she went through my heart broke for but for her to find her happiness again and get what she lost in the end made me so happy. I def recommend reading this book! I cannot wait for the next book in this series!! ~ Jackie

Rating 5 Stars

I read the blurb of this book and my interest was peaked because it was a story about overcoming bad relationships and giving love a second chance. Arianna Morgan lived in an abusive relationship for seven years until after a violent night with her ex, she knew she needed to