Lucky For You

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I really liked the first two books in this series because they were different. I was excited to see this one because it was a whole different character that we haven’t met yet.

Rex was fun! Not your typical womanizing bad boy, but the perfect mix of hot, sweet and dominant. It also didn’t hurt that he wore a uniform.

Keira was really down to earth! She was funny and had a sassy side to her that I loved seeing when she pulled it out. She was a great mother and I was so glad that she found love!

Being a small town romance, this book had heart. I loved seeing the secondary characters in this book after the lack of them I. The second book. The pace wasn’t too fast or to slow, and was detailed with out bing overly detailed.

Overall I enjoyed this third book of the series. Meeting these new characters was a good experience and I look forward to hopefully more of these books in the future. I’m kind of interested to see Josh and maybe Jenn get together or at least their own books. ~ Jessica

Rating 4 Stars

This was just another fantastic short and sweet read from this author. It was hot and steamy with a touch of angst, fast paced but full of emotion and read perfectly! Gives me faith and allows me to dream of a bright future! I love books like this with a happily ever after that is very down to earth and heartwarming. ~ Angela

Rating 4.5 Stars

This is my third book of this author’s work that I’ve read, although I did not read the first two in this series (I will get them though). She never stops surprising me on how well she can write. This is a sweet, short story of Rex Malone and Kiera Jennings.