Man Card


Man Card was a delightfully hilarious read that had me in stitches. First let's start by saying that these two authors write seamlessly and I didn't know which author wrote which parts that it was almost as if one author wrote this book. Secondly the characters in this book were so likable and downright cute. The competitiveness that Ashley possessed was fierce and definitely brought out some laughs especially at the beginning of this story. I'll be honest how she didn't castrate Braht at certain times was beyond me. LOL Braht well he's was such a unique character, comfortable in his own skin he gives a whole new meaning to Man Card that's for sure. I absolutely loved him, he was completely different from the usual Alpha caveman heros you read in books. Not saying I don't love my cavemen but it was refreshing to have a hero that indulged in a good mani/pedi on a regular basis. Take notes men of the world, woman love a man who have great hands. It's not just the size that matters. But I digress as far as storyline and characters go Man Card is definitely a book that will have you chuckling out loud and thoroughly enjoying the story from beginning to end.

Ash: I still don't know how it happened. One minute I was arguing with my arrogant competitor--our usual trash-talk over who deserves the larger commission. But somehow I went from throwing down to kneeling down... It can never happen again. I don't even like Braht. He's too slick. He's a manipulating mansplaining party boy in preppy clothes. So why can't I get him out of my head? Braht: There are two things I know without question. One: Ash and I are destined for each other. Two: never trust a man with a unibrow. Ash is my missing my piece. She's the sweet cream to my gourmet espresso. And nothing gets me going faster than her contempt for me. They don't call her the Ashkicker for nothing. Eventually I'll win her over...if my past doesn't ruin everything first.

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