Midnight Blue

Book Review - MIDNIGHT BLUE by L.J. SHEN

Well ......... Well FUCK ME !!!!!! This book was just ..... This book was just HOLY SHIT

I'll start off by saying that L.J. Shen has outdone herself with this one. Full of Angst, turmoil and the heart beating feels. Alex is the ultimate rock star. He's cocky and crass and he's on a downward spiral and what's worse is he doesn't seem to want to recover from it. But there are layers to him so many layers. Indigo she's full of heart, innocent some would say she's a bit awkward and she's caring which is why she takes the job to be his babysitter. At the beginning of this book these two are like oil and water with Alex challenging her at every turn. At certain times he's downright Vicious, reminds me of a certain other character of LJ Shen's that I absolutely love. The story will make your heart break, it will make you ragey, it will make you swoon, it will make you want to beat someone's ass, it will make your heart literally pound out of your damn chest.

"The sweat dripping down on the guitar. Sex.

My muscles flexing, straining to product that perfect harmony. Climax.

They see me, feel me. They hear me. Bliss"

That is some WORDPORN if I've ever read some. Am I right???? The intensity that builds between these two is so carnal that you think you might spontaneously combust. And Alex will make you angry and hot all at the same damn time.

"I will own every orgasm, every shiver, every wave of pleasure inside you. From here on out, it will be me. Just me. And for that, I am truly sorry."

I swear when I read this ☝️☝️☝️ I was tempted to douse myself with a bucket of water.

And just when their intensity is at an all time high and you are almost blissful with where things are at. L.J. Shen shatters you and hits you not once, not twice well multiple times with truth bombs that I did not see coming. And I was left reeling I sincerely thought that my hubby who was sleeping beside me would wake up because my heart was beating so damn loud it would wake him up. And even as I type this review the day after I have finished this story, it's all I can think about. It's left me consumed It's left my heart still beating as I think about it. I can feel a tingling when I recall some scenes from this book . I can say without a shadow of a doubt that this book is a top read of 2018 for me and will be in my top ten fav reads of the year. As it sits right now it's my top read of 2018.

Okay....stop what you are doing and read this book right NOW!!

So I expected big things from LJ Shen with this book....she is the queen of the alpha asshole right??Nothing could have prepared me for Alex Winslow, the ultimate (and in my opinion BEST!) bossy alpha asshole Shen has written to date. She knocked my socks off !

Ladies, I can't stress enough how much you need to experience all he has to offer for yourselves!I couldn't put down this book, the sexual tension between the lead characters was off the charts and had me begging for more! Shen goes from strength to strength with eve