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Book Review - Mischief by Nicole Dykes

Absolutely loved this book. It sucked me in and didn’t let go. I can’t get enough of this series and Nicole Dykes just gets better and better with each book. This is book two in her Adamson Family series which is a spin off from her Monroe series. If you haven’t read anything from either series I suggest you start with the Monroe series first although you could start with Book 1 of this series as well. Mischief is a bit scandalous as this is the story of Levi and Nat and their history is definitely not rainbows and butterflies. Their story starts off sweet and almost I would say like a first love. But things don’t go the way that young love never usually does and this one turns into almost an utter nightmare leading to circumstances that some might be utterly disgusted with. However the back story that comes with it will have you understanding the whys and how’s of this relationship. This book is full of turmoil, heartbreak and anger. Levi and Nat are intense battling between some might say a uncontrollable desire and hatred. Their chemistry is undeniable, their story is almost tragic. There is no shortage of drama in this book and I found myself glued to the pages reading this in one sitting. Of course we see a few of the beloved characters from the Monroe series and I love how Nicole ties these two families together while at the same time this book still remains focused on the Adamson family. There are some twists in this one that had me reeling and one that completely blind sided me and I thought instinctively bravo bravo !!! So brilliant. I am going to be anxiously awaiting the next book from Nicole. She’s got me hooked on the Monroe’s and the Adamson’s. And can I just say that ending !!!! Squeeeee !!!! Bring it !!!


“Judge me all you want. I apologize for nothing. She may have been my father’s wife, but I saw her first.”


Twenty years of pure torture. Twenty years of watching the only woman that I’ve ever come close to loving married to someone else. Twenty years of pleading with her to change her mind. Of being jerked around, frustrated, and confused. Now he’s gone, and the question is, was it ever real? Or was it just the thrill of the chase?


Twenty years of pain. Of watching the choices of my youth destroy everyone I love. Of being so near to what I crave, but fighting temptation with everything I have. One act of selfish weakness tore apart so many lives, and I won’t ever allow that to happen again. No matter how many sacrifices I've had to make, I have only one regret . . . Him.

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