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I am such a huge fan of Nicole Dykes and her writing just gets better and better with each new book. This story is a spin off of the Monroe Series and while you don't need to read that series to read this one I do suggest that you do as it is just as amazing. Chris the hot tattoo artist that can't catch a break as we have read from his appearances in the Monroe series he is always the odd man out and he finally gets his story and man what a story!!! His past comes back to his not so happy eyes and well his anger is formidable. Amy and Chris, you could cut the tension with a knife and I knew that there was more to the story after all there are always two sides to everything right ? I loved this book, the angry exchanges, the pain that they both seem to have, the glimpses back to the beginning of their relationships and the story to their ultimate demise. Let's just say when you find out what really happens you'll want to jump right into the book and cut someone. What I love about these books from Nicole Dykes is that you find yourself surrounded by these people that are such a family even though they aren't all actually related. They weave their way into your hearts and you can't help but fall in love with all of them. I've said this before about her books especially the Monroe series and now this spin off. I would totally love to see this as a tv show I would be watching it every single week without fail.

Chris I was doing fine. I own a successful tattoo shop. I have good friends. Just fine. And then she comes back into my life and pops up everywhere. She betrayed me in the worst possible way and now I can't escape her. What's worse, I'm not sure I want to. Amy Everyone makes mistakes when they are young... Nearly fifteen years later and I'm still paying for mine. I've managed to keep moving forward and have found something resembling happiness. Everything is thrown off course when a friend needs my help and I'm hurled right into my past. Now I'm forced to face the man that was once my best friend, my lover, my everything. Haunting blue eyes and all.


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