My Hot Boss


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I love love loved this book! i highly recommend it! The way Emma and Grayson come together is HOTTTT! Both are just having fun in the beginning and then emotions come into play and it comes down to if they are willing to take a chance together. I was able to read this book quickly and enjoyed it alot!

Reviewed by Jackie - Rating 5 Stars

Very cute, steamy read. Emma gives Grayson a run for all his money, which he has a lot of. 😉 It atleast gives him time to take a look beyond the physical attraction he finds for her to see who she really is!

Reviewed by Rebecca - Rating 4 Stars

This is a fast paced, hot read.

Struggles with commitment but a very possessive alpha male. Emma, is strong and knows what she wants. A definite must read.

Reviewed by Sarah - Rating 4 Stars

I struggled with this book a bit. I like my books to have a bit more depth. It was all very cliche. But you never know, it could be to your taste.

Reviewed by Katy - Rating 3 Stars

Wish he was my boss.

Emma had a night to remember. Not necessarily all good things but there was the kiss. Then as life would have it that kiss became the surprise of a lifetime.

Grayson is the hot boss who was more than pleased to see her at his new job.