My Week With The Bad Boy



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Vada and Ethan are opposites and you know how opposites attract! Their chemistry is explosive. Vada is sassy and Ethan is cocky, together they are hot, sexy, and hilarious. This story has its seriously sad moments when recalling past experiences that leave the characters a little broken and make you love them all the more for it. I really enjoyed this book and would definitely recommend getting to know this couple!


If you are looking for something short and sweet this a good one to pick up. Ethan is sizzling hot country boy with few skeletons in his closet. Vada is the city girl with a thing or two to learn. A few tugs on the heartstrings and laughter along the way you will find out just how these opposites will attract.


I loved this book! It made me laugh with the witty banter, cry with Ethan's confession of what happened in his past and sigh with the ending. Both Vada and Ethan have a lot of baggage in their past but together they can get through it. I read this book in an afternoon. I just couldn't put it down since Ethan answered his door with no shirt on I just had to see where it was going to go! I wasn't disappointed. I can't wait to read the next book in this series.


Brooke Cumberland and Lyra Parish are a unstoppable duo. Watch out because your about to be doused with gas and lit on fire! My Week with the Bad Boy was funny, sexy and a bit angsty. It's not an insta love book, which I'm glad because that seems to be the norm lately. No its a book about two people who connect, develop feelings and understand one another in a rather short time, but something is holding one back. It has some ups and downs that will leave you hot and bothered and maybe even have you in tears. Vada is a romance writer from the big city of Chicago who needs a quiet retreat to finish her deadline. She rents out a little cottage at an Air B&B in the quant town of Charlotte. When she arrives Vada isn't expecting this hot delicious country boy. He's a book boyfriend come to life, but she's here to work not play. Or is she? Ethan was a bit of a surprise. He's a local artist who also rents out his cottage for some extra money. He's quite the flirt, a little closed off and a bit alpha, but under all that he's also sweet. He's got a few secrets from his past that will tug at your heart. When his new renter arrives, he's immediately attracted to this gorgeous tough city girl. She makes his blood sing and his body burn. But will his past get in the way? These two were hilarious. They both are full of snarky remarks and quick wit. I loved their banter and yes the sexual tension was high. Almost every remark out of Ethan has some sexual innuendo that will leave you feeling giddy like a schoolgirl. The sex between them...omg is it hot! Cold shower, cigarette smoking hot! I can't get enough of these two writers. They keep giving us developed characters, entertaining storylines and then throw in a little heartbreaking drama. Anything these two write is pure gold in my book! I can't wait for the next story! 5 Henry Stars!


Amazing new story from brilliant authors that never disappoint. Who would have thought that a week booked in an Air BnB would turn into a love story for the ages? Ethan never thought he would ever love again and Vada has such terrible trust issues. Did I mention that when these two get together it's so hot that the pages just melt off your kindle? Loved this story and Ethan has a special place in my heart.


Freaking love this!!! These two authors are both incredible in their own right. But put them together and its a masterpiece. This book was witty, fun, makes you laugh out loud but also gives you all the feels! I love the characters and the storyline. It flowed amazingly. Must read!


Oh man! Ethan, well how tragic. Totally melted my heart. I definitely want me an Ethan. Then there's Vada. Sassy, issues and doesn't hold back. I did want to shake her though, I mean, a whole year? I'm looking forward to reading the next one.