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New Releases ICYMI - Weekly Release Recap Dec. 11th - 17th

ICYMI (In case you missed it)

Here are releases from this past week.


Man Hands by Sarina Bowen & Tanya Eby

He puts the "screw" in screwball comedy...

BRYNN At thirty-four, I’m reeling from a divorce. I don’t want to party or try to move on. I just want to stay home and post a new recipe on my blog: Brynn’s Dips and Balls. But my friends aren’t having it. Get out there again, they say. It will be fun, they say. I’m still taking a hard pass. Free designer cocktails, they say. And that’s a game-changer. Too bad my ex shows up with his new arm candy. That’s when I lose my mind. But when my besties dare me to leap on the first single man I see, they don't expect me to actually go through with it. TOM All I need right now is some peace and quiet while my home renovation TV show is on hiatus. But when a curvy woman in a red wrap dress charges me like she’s a gymnast about to mount my high bar, all I can do is brace myself and catch her. What follows is the hottest experience of my adult life. I want a repeat, but my flying Cinderella disappears immediately afterward. She doesn’t leave a glass slipper, either—just a pair of panties with chocolate bunnies printed on them. But I will find her.


Torrid Little Affair by Kendall Ryan

The best way to get over someone is to get under someone else. And I have the perfect candidate all picked out. My new assistant is tempting beyond belief with her curvy body and take-no-shit attitude. All those luscious curves, and a juicy ass I’m already in love with. God, the things that I would do to that ass… But it’s the haunted look in her eyes that speaks to me. Like she’s taken just as much shit in her past as I have—maybe more. We both deserve a little fun. Love can’t fix everything. Mind-blowing sex and a few killer orgasms, on the other hand? I have a feeling those might do the trick.


Brave (A Wicked Trilogy Book 3) by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Ivy Morgan hasn't been feeling like herself lately. Not like anyone can blame her. After all, being held captive by a psychotic fae prince hell-bent on permanently opening the gates to the Otherworld is bound to leave some mental scars. It’s more than that, though. Something dark and insidious is spreading throughout Ivy, more powerful than she could ever imagine... and it’s coming between her and the man she’s fallen deeply in love with, elite Order member Ren Owens. Ren would do anything to keep Ivy safe. Anything. But when he makes a life altering choice for her, the fallout of his act has far reaching consequences that threaten to tear their lives apart. If Ivy is going to have any hope of surviving this, she must put aside the hurt and betrayal she feels, and work with not only those she loves, but with an enemy she would rather kill than ever trust. War is coming, and it soon becomes clear that what Ivy and Ren thought they knew about the Order, themselves, and even their enemies, has been nothing but a cluster of dangerous, deadly lies. Ivy knows she must be more than just brave to save those she loves--and, ultimately, to save herself. Because behind every evil fae Prince, there’s a Queen….


Enticed & A Game of Vows: Enticed (Pregnancy & Passion) by Maya Banks

A summer romance. An accident. Amnesia that hides all his sins. For the sake of their unborn child, can he make up for the past? Don’t miss this fan-favorite story from New York Times bestselling author Maya Banks! Bryony Morgan fell hard for hotelier Rafael de Luca… and then he vanished. Now she’s tracked him to his New York gala, determined to get answers from him. Not only for her, but also for their unborn child. But to her shock, Rafael can’t remember her or the sizzling summer nights they shared at his island retreat. Rafael de Luca has worked hard to hide his amnesia from investors, but Bryony risks exposing him and ruining all he’s worked for. And the news of her pregnancy floors him. There’s only one thing to do—return with her to the island where they supposedly fell in love and unravel what really happened between them. But when his memory returns, he doesn’t like what he learns. It’ll take everything he has to grab this second chance with Bryony and make up for all he’s done...


Miss Mechanic by Emma Hart

Two mechanics. One rivalry. She’ll prove she’s as good as she says she is. He’ll prove her place isn’t under the hood. It’s over it. “Don’t let the bastards get you down.” For twenty-six years, I lived by my daddy’s motto. Which is why “Mechanic Wanted” is all it takes for me to apply for the job at the garage we once owned. And I meet the biggest bastard of them all. Dexter Ryne. Hotter than Hell in July and a firm believer that my place is on reception, taking phone calls and looking pretty. Not getting dirty under the hood of a car. Determined to prove each other wrong, we make a deal. I have three weeks to prove my worth as a mechanic. If I don’t, I’m on telephone duty. If I do, he’ll accept defeat and make my job permanent. Now, all I have to do is fight my attraction to the cocky little… beep. Problem is, an engine isn’t the only thing he knows how to make purr…


Bad Idea: Bad Boy Romantic Comedy (Dante Brothers Book 2) by Bella Love

This Christmas, she's the best bad idea he ever had. Scorching hot, best friend's little sister romantic comedy novella. Former Ranger Trey Dante is cutting ties with his past. Out of the Army and ready to move on, he’s got one last mission: attend his childhood best friend’s Christmas wedding. No problem. Get in, get out. But getting out with his heart intact becomes real complicated when his best friend’s little sister is there too. He's already been warned off sweet, upbeat Cassidy James once, but now she's all grown up and looking sexy as hell, and she might be worth one night of a bad idea. But when one night isn’t enough, can Trey man up and hold onto Cass for the long haul?


Returning Home by Riann C. Miller

At fifteen, I fell in love with Luke Runyan. With just one look, one touch, he became my world until he shattered my heart into a million pieces. No one meets their soulmate when they’re only a kid, yet convincing my heart to move on is a task I never mastered. My heart has only ever belonged to one woman, Samantha Harris. Sam had dreams; dreams I couldn’t deliver, which left me with only one choice… I walked away. Whoever said time heals all wounds never lost the love of their life. And they don’t force you back to the same small town you’ve spent your entire adult life avoiding, especially when she’s everywhere you turn.


The V Card by Lauren Blakeley & Lily Valente

When you think about how easy it is to lose keys, phones, sunglasses and your dignity on social media, you might figure it'd be a cinch for me to ditch my V Card. You'd be wrong. At 25, I run a successful business, live in a fantastic apartment, and have fabulous friends to go out with any night of the week. And yet I'm still a card-carrying member of a club I don't want to belong to anymore. Good thing I know just the man for the deflowering job—my brother’s business partner and best friend. Graham Campbell is charming, smart, and, I’m told, oh-so-skilled in the sack. As long as I keep my eyes on the prize, there’s no way this pluck-the-flower project could possibly complicate matters. *** Work and pleasure. As the CEO of a fast-growing company, I've been enjoying both to the fullest. What do I do when the board throws me for an unexpected loop so I can keep my business in my hands? I enlist the help of my best friend's little sister since she holds a big stake in the company. But then I learn there's another big stake she wants. The one between my legs. I can do this. Seven nights to teach her everything I know in the bedroom. There's no way I'll fall for her, even though she’s earning top grades in every single lesson. And turns out I’m learning something too. The trouble is I don’t have the answer key to what to do when I fall hard for her. And that throws a whole new hitch in my plans.


What the Hail (The Hail Raisers Book 4) by Lani Lynn Vale

He’s wanted her since he repossessed her car and made her cry. Baylor Hail knew two things. One, he hated crying females. Two, it was even worse when he was the one to make that female cry. He never meant to do anything but his job, but when one thing leads to another, suddenly all he can think about is the broken woman whose car he towed. She’s wanted him since he patted her back and told her it was okay to cry even though she knew he was lying. Nothing ever goes right for Lark. Not when she got married. Not when she tried to leave her abusive husband, and not when she arrived in a new town with a fresh, clean slate. That clean slate came courtesy of a secret organization that specializes in helping abused women find a way out. They set her up with a whole new life. It just turns out that it happened to be right smack dab in the middle of another woman’s old one. That woman also happens to be down on her luck, something that Lark learns the hard way when on her first day there, her car is towed by a handsome stranger. It’s been two years since she’s felt any kind of sexual attraction toward a man, and she reacts badly. We’re talking full-on, hysterical breakdown as he loads her car onto his tow truck while looking at her like she’s lost it. Maybe being crazy isn’t all that bad. The next thing she knows, she’s spending time with the sexy stranger and life couldn’t be better—even though she still doesn’t have a car. She thinks she’s in the clear, that she’s got it all figured out… well, that is until her ex-husband finds her again. Now the ball is in her sexy stranger’s court as he decides whether or not her kind of crazy is worth getting killed over. Turns out, for Baylor Hail, maybe it is.


The Beast Within (Conversion Book 5) by S.C. Stephens

Nika Adams has had a challenging year. She gave her heart to Hunter Evans, only to have him break it. But Nika refuses to give up hope. Not when there's a chance she can save her true-love—even if she must save him from himself. Julian Adams finally knows what he wants, and is truly happy. But when he gets mixed up in Nika's suicide mission to save her wayward boyfriend, he begins to wonder if his dream girl can handle the dangerous life that comes with being an Adams.


Coming For Christmas: A Sexy Romantic Holiday Standalone by Krystyna Allyn

Skydiving. Check. Arctic Cruise. Check. Threesome … Pending. I had a sound plan. Place an ad, get two guys, and live out one of my deepest darkest fantasies. Easy as pie. Or so I thought. Then I met Mr. boy-next-door, Cooper Whitmore, and Mr. dark and mysterious, Jared Carrington. What’s the saying about the best-laid plans? Two men, steamy times, and the Christmas holiday. What could possibly go wrong?


Unchained Beauty by C.M. Owens

I've spent my life thinking I knew the worst that could happen. Battles come and go. Wars are almost always won in the end. It's easy to grow complacent and forget even the deadliest should glance over their shoulder from time to time. We thought we had it all figured out. We were poised for this win before we even went to battle. We didn't win. We didn't lose. We thought a demon would be easier to kill, because it's “just” a demon. Now we're dealing with the mess from our latest failure. Meanwhile, I'm still trying to do something other than be the biggest disappointment of all, searching for my place while avoiding the one man who could possibly kill me, if he wasn't so busy constantly saving me. My "hero" happens to be my family's enemy, despite the uneasy, temporary truce between us as we combine forces to work against a common enemy. The enemy of my enemy shouldn't be more than that. Really, he shouldn't. Slade is a terrible person who has done terrible things since he's been freed. Nothing he can do can redeem himself. At least that should be the truth of it. Just when we think we have it all figured out again...everything changes. For once in our entire existence, it may not matter who the deadliest is, because all the rules are being broken.


Team Player: A Sports Romance Anthology by Adriana Locke, Charleigh Rose, Ella Fox, Emma Scott, Kate Stewart, Kennedy Ryan, L.J. Shen, Mandi Beck, Meghan Quinn, Sara Ney & Rochelle Paige

Hot jocks. We love them all. Sexy baseball players. Intense footballers. Sweaty MMA fighters, and sizzling hockey hotties. Score! The good news? Eleven bestselling authors have gathered to give you a set of stories focused on the men we love most—sports heroes. We bet you’ll love this thick…book. The bad news? The men in these novellas don’t actually exist.

*This anthology does not contain calories, just eleven original, never-before-seen stories by the following authors: Adriana Locke, Mandi Beck, Charleigh Rose, Kennedy Ryan, LJ Shen, Meghan Quinn, Rochelle Paige, Ella Fox, Kate Stewart, Emma Scott, and Sara Ney. We aren’t responsible for melted devices. Team Player: Adriana Locke (Cross) Charleigh Rose (Yard Sale) Ella Fox (Out of Formation) Emma Scott (One Good Man) Kate Stewart (Sweeping the Series) Kennedy Ryan (Full Court Press) L.J. Shen (The End Zone) Mandi Beck (Sin Bin) Meghan Quinn (Back in the Game) Rochelle Paige (Slapped Into Love) Sara Ney (Switch Hitter)


Sleighed It by Max Monroe

Question: What would you do if every holiday you ever spent with your family ended in disaster? I’ll tell you: you’d cry. I know, because each and every celebration with my family ends in chaos—and I’ve had more than my share of mental breakdowns because of it. But I’m done with the tears, the insanity—I refuse to take it anymore. This Christmas is going to be perfect. I’ll put Thatch in a fluffing Santa Claus suit and have him tap dance to Jingle Bells, if I have to. I deserve Christmas smiles and that feel-good Christmas high I’ve been missing. My name is Georgia Brooks, and by Christmas night, my husband, my kids, and my closest friends will be thinking only one fluffing thing… She Sleighed It.


Feast: A Thanksgiving Novella by S Jackson Rivera

Recipe for the Perfectly Simmered Romance 2 Men 1 Woman 1 Annual Tropical Paradise 6 Thanksgiving holidays, one per year A Pinch of Betrayal A Twist of Overbearing Characters Season with Hope, to taste Mix well, 1 man and the woman. Add second man, but keep separate. Sprinkle all three with Tropical Paradise and first Thanksgiving holiday. The single man may seem sour, but don’t give up. Add each additional Thanksgiving holiday, one year at a time. You will start to see some maturing, and eyes beginning to open, which means it’s time to add a pinch of Betrayal, and stir the pot. Next, add a little Hope, grease the story with a little alcohol, a pinch of scuba, and garnish with a twist of overbearing sub-characters. Obsessions are optional. Keep reading at 90 degrees, and enjoy.


Tales for the Season by J.B. Joseph ,‎ Alyssa Drake ,‎ Jeremy Simons ,‎ S.J Hermann,‎ Veronique Poirier ,‎ Bella Emy ,‎ Rosie Chapel ,‎ Shaan Ranae ,‎ Niki Livingston ,‎ HB Jasick

Tales for the season, checking it twice. It's perfect if you want naughty or nice. Eleven authors have brought to you a Christmas anthology in a way that's new. Inside you will find a Christmas twist, now enjoy a sessional drink, while you discover what it is.


Santa Crush: A Christmas Novella by Annabelle Costa

Big Catch (Dossier) by Cathryn Fox

Moon Shine (Takhini Wolves Book 4) by Vivian Arend

Hollis and Ivy (North Pole Unlimited Book 2) by Elle Rush

A Master for Christmas (Magical Me Book 1) by Aline de Chevigny

Diamond Dust (Takhini Wolves Book 3) by Vivian Arend

Silver Mine (Takhini Wolves Book 2) by Vivian Arend

Black Gold (Takhini Wolves Book 1) by Vivian Arend

At Last (Brimstone Lords MC 2) by Sarah Zolton Arthur

The Finish Line by Leslie Scott

His Country Heart (Sierra Creek Series Book 2) by Reggi Allder

Drew: A New Beginnings Romance (For The Love Of A Good Woman Book 4) by Giulia Lagomarsino

The Nerds and the Matchmaker: A #GeekLove Ménage Romance (The Nerd Love Equation) by Allyson Lindt

The Deadbeat Next Door (Catalpa Creek Book 1) by Katharine Sadler

Shadows from the Past & Perfect Double: Shadows from the Past\Perfect Double (Jackson Hole, Wyoming) by Lindsay McKenna (Author),‎ Merline Lovelace (Author)

The Santa Trap by Fiona Davenport

Chaos and Control by Season Vining

Dirty Work: A Sexy Romantic Comedy by Eliza Madison

Hold Me Harder (To Have and To Hold) by Renee Dominick

Absolved (The Altered Series) by Marnee Blake

Loving the Lawmen: 4 Wild Westerns by Marie Patrick (Author),‎ Rachel Donnelly (Author),‎ Apollonia Lord (Author),‎ Rue Allyn (Author)

Conflicted (Everlasting Love) by Tracy Wolff

The Marin Test Series Boxed Set (Books 1-3) by Amanda Aksel

The Chameleon (The Elite Crimes Unit) by Michele Hauf

Grinch Reaper: Sleeper SEALs Book 8 by Donna Michaels

Stay With Me (Lazarus Rising Book 3) by Cynthia Eden

Dare to Live (The Maxwell Series Book 5) by S.B. Alexander

Just One Taste (Oh Tequila Series Book 2) by C.A. Harms

Protecting Their Princess: A Snow White Romance (Filthy Fairy Tales Book 3) by Parker Grey

Buried Alive by Stacey Marie Brown

Dawn of Surrender: A MacKenzie Family Novella by Liliana Hart

Out For the Holidays: An Out Novella by Cara Dee

Bound by Joy (Cauld Ane Series Book 8) by Piper Davenport

New Year's at the Graff (Holiday at the Graff Book 3) by Marin Thomas

All is Fair in Love and War (Forbidden Loves Book 1) by Ezra Dawn

Seared (Master Chefs Book 1) by Suleikha Snyder

Blue Sapphire Temptation (High Class Society Book 1) by Sherelle Green

Passionate Persuasion (High Class Society Book 4) by Sherelle Green

Future Risk (Pelican Bay Security Book 2) by Megan Matthews

Dangerous in Transit (Aegis Group Alpha Team Book 3) by Sidney Bristol

Keeping Faith (Knights of Sin MC Book 4) by Erin trejo

The Wench Who Stole Christmas (Mistletoe Mayhem Book 1) by EmKay Connor

One and Done (Island of Love Book 1) by Melynda Price

Unlearned: Virgin and Professor Romance by Haley Pierce

Holiday Magic by TL Reeve (Author),‎ Kim Carmichael (Author),‎ Brigitte Ann Thomas (Author),‎ K. Williams (Author),‎ A.K. Hudson (Author),‎ T. A. Moorman (Author)

Naughty Beasts: Shifters, Vamps, and Gargoyles, Oh My! by Francesca Hawley (Author),‎ Belle Scarlett (Author),‎ Nicole Austin (Author),‎ Suz deMello (Author),‎ Berengaria Brown (Author),‎ Katherine Kingston (Author)

Lies We Keep (Pieces of Me Book 1) by Danielle Rose

Submit (Power Book 2) by Bailey Bradford

The One Night Stand (A Players Novel Book 3) by Elizabeth Hayley

Falling In Love (Siri's Saga Book 3) by Cindee Bartholomew

Not on Her Watch (The Serpent Experiments Book 1) by Nicole Zoltack

If Love was Fair by Savannah Stewart

'Twas the Nightcap Before Christmas (Mistletoe Mayhem Book 2) by EmKay Connor

The 12 Dames of Christmas (Mistletoe Mayhem Book 3) by EmKay Connor

Hottest Gift by Cricket Monet

Perfectly Unexpected by Brandy Michelle

The Perfect Role by Clare Solomon

The Way Back to Us (Love Unplugged) by Jamie Howard

Dance with Me: A Dance Off Novel by Alexis Daria

Ride All Night (Raising Hellfire MC) by Michele De Winton

Getting Down to Business (An on the Job Romance) by Allison B. Hanson

How to Blow It with a Billionaire (Arden St. Ives) by Alexis Hall

White Lies and Promises by Ally Hayes

Purrfect Santa: Howls Romance by Jessie Lane (Author),‎ Chasity Bowlin (Author)

The Christmas Fling (Christmas Town Book 1) by Heidi Cullinan

Love for Christmas: A Billionaires and SEALs Romance Novels Boxed Set by Julia Kent (Author),‎ Cora Seton (Author),‎ Lynn Raye Harris (Author),‎ Blair Babylon (Author),‎ Gina Robinson (Author)

Madison Square Series: Books 1-3 by Samatha Harris

Sparkling Souls: A Sparkling Novel by Jess Wright

Be Mine Tonight by Ana Steele-Chase

THE CANDY CROSS by Autumn Arden

Nights at Seaside (Sweet with Heat: Seaside Summers Book 6) by Addison Cole

Rise (Hold Book 4) by Claire Kent

Sweet Life (Sugar Rush) by Nina Lane

Mister Hottiee: A Bad Boy Romance by Alice Cooper

Passion Punched King (Balance Book 2) by Lisa Oliver

Hope: A Bad Boy Billionaire Holiday Romance (The Impossible Series Book 1) by Tia Wylder

Forever Christmas (The Forever Series Book 6) by Deanna Roy

Tempted (Thornton Brothers Book 2) by Sabre Rose

Never Again by Lilliana Anderson

Bridesmaid for Hire by Emma C Ellis

The Alpha's Forbidden Mate (Brothers of the Heart Book 3) by DJ Bryce

Silver by Ava Lynn Wood

Fate at the Manor (Angelica's Manor of Love Book 2) by J.R. Cowan

Thresholds (The Walsh Series Book 8) by Kate Canterbary

Kairos by Mary Calmes

Redemption (The McKenzie Ridge Series Book 5) by Stephanie St. Klaire

Forever with the SEAL (HERO Force Book 8) by Amy Gamet

Shot at Love: Renegades 8 (The Renegades Hockey Series) by Melody Heck Gatto

Viking (Black Shamrocks MC: First Generation Book 2) by Kylie Hillman

Catching Fire: Perfect Places (Billionaire Romance Series Book 3) by T.N King

Bohemia Bells (Bohemia Beach Series Book 6) by Lucy Lakestone

If Mistletoe Could Tell Tales: A Christmas novella collection by Jude Knight

ROMEO by Ruby Rowe

Anger and Muscles: A Muscles and Tattoos Bad Boy Romance by Peter Presley

Angel Of Ice by Pravina Maharaj

Up in the Air (Winter Games Book 1) by Dr. Rebecca Sharp

Wanted: No Strings by Brandy Ayers

It Started with A Candy Cane (Real Men Book 6) by Susan Saxx

Relationship Add Vice: A Thrilling Mashup of Romance and Crime by Sam Phillips (Author),‎ Adam Bennett

Hollywood Love: Book 15: A sexy celebrity romance (Hollywood Billionaires) by Jillian Dodd

A cowboy for the holidays by Angel

Cursed by Elizabeth Jeannel

Old Flame Burns Again by Angelica Dawson

Blurred Edges by Kurt Bensworth

Brothers Next Door: A MFM Menage Romance by Samantha Twinn

Filthy Dirty Sir by Nadia Wild


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